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Available in Classic and VPC

The Accounts page introduces menus and features for configuring the accounts.

Accounts page

The accounts page is laid out as follows.


Field Description
① Menu name Display the name of the menu currently being viewed and the number of accounts (master accounts + member accounts) included in the Organization
② Features
  • [Invite account]: Click to invite an account. (Refer to Invite account)
  • [Learn more about product]: Click to go to the Organization introduction page.
  • [Refresh]: Click to refresh an account list.
  • [Create account group]: Click to create an account group. (Refer to Create account group)
  • [Move account group/account]: Click to move account groups and accounts. (Refer to Move account group, Move member accounts)
③ List of account groups and accounts Display lists of created account group and accounts in a tree structure
  • [Member account] tab: Display created accounts group in the organization and included accounts.
  • [Accounts in invitation] tab: Display the list of accounts currently being invited.
④ Information card When you select an account group or a member account from the [Member account] tab
  • [Policy] tab: Displays Quota Policy information applied to the selected account group or account.
      • [Apply Quota Policy]: This is only displayed when you select an account group. Click to change the applied Quota Policy. (Refer to Change Quota Policy of account group)
      • [View usage limits]: This is only displayed when you select an account. Click to view the usage limits of the account. (Refer to View usage limits)
      • [View more]: Click to view details on the applied Quota Policy.
          • Click the [Modify this policy] button to modify the Quota Policy. (Refer to Modify Quota Policy)
      • [Remove]: This is only displayed when you select the account group to which the Quota Policy that you created is applied. Click to remove the applied Quota Policy
  • [Group/account information] tab: Displays the date of creation of the selected account group or an account status, and the date of sign-up.
  • [Manage region] tab: This is only displayed when you select a member account. Click to view available region information
When you select an account from the [Account in invitation] tab
  • [Group/account information] tab: Displays invitation information of the account currently being invited.
      • [Cancel invitation]: Click to cancel invitation.
      • [Resent invitation email]: Click to resend an invitation email.

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