Linking with knowledge database
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Linking with knowledge database

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Available in Classic and VPC

Search answers that partially use NAVER Knowledge database are provided for producing chatbots that provide abundant answers to the users. The Knowledge database linkage is currently offered as a beta service.

  • Knowledge database answers are provided only in some messenger environments other than Speaker, and the service is offered to custom messengers in a limited manner if a separate consultation has been made through the channel.
  • Note that the domains with the activated Knowledge database service can't be set as the subdomains of a domain group.

Knowledge database linkage settings in chatbot builder

The following describes how to set up linkage with Knowledge database.

  1. From the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > CLOVA Chatbot > Domain menus, in that order.
  2. Click the [Run builder] button of the domain you want to run the chatbot builder.
  3. From the chatbot builder, click Chatbot settings > Link service tab.
  4. Click the [Link] button of the Knowledge database service.
  5. Enter the search failure message and search error message.
  6. Enable or disable the automatic search settings.
    • It's a feature that automatically provides search results by enabling automatic search when the chatbot is unable to answer without having to compose conversations using Knowledge database.
    • If there are no search results, then the failure message is returned instead of a Knowledge database answer.
  7. Click the [Link] button.

Compose conversations using Knowledge database

  • The action method of ${'naverAnsweringEngine} for Knowledge database search is displayed on the Action method menu when the Knowledge database service is linked.

  • Enter the action method of ${'naverAnsweringEngine} in the answer of a conversation for the search result from the Knowledge database service to be returned.

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