CLOVA Chatbot error codes
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    CLOVA Chatbot error codes

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    Available in Classic and VPC


    Error codeDescription
    AM-1001-nNumber of allowed action methods (n) exceeded
    AM-1002-nAction method timeout (time allowed: n ms)
    AM-1003-0Action method exception occurred. Please check URL
    AM-1004-0Prohibited action method response (IllegalArgumentException)
    AM-1004-1Action method response error
    AM-1005-0Failed to retrieve form button
    AM-1006-0Check if the NoSuchElementException action method exists
    AM-1006-1Action method handling exception occurred
    AM-1007-0Form handling error occurred (unable to find form or value is invalid)
    AM-1007-1System-defined form handling error
    AM-1008-0line switcher api call error
    AM-1008-1No data when calling line switcher api
    AM-1009-0Occurs when knowledge database ActionMethod is called when there is no knowledge database information
    AM-1010-0Data parsing error in LINE Pay type
    AM-1010-1Insufficient arguments in ${`linePay()}
    AM-1010-2Arguments format error
    AM-1010-3No LINE Pay information
    AM-1010-4No ConfirmURL information on server
    AM-1010-5Platform is not LINE
    AM-1011-0Data parsing error in NAVER Pay type
    AM-1011-1Insufficient arguments in ${`naverPay()}
    AM-1011-2Arguments format error
    AM-1011-3No NAVER Pay information
    AM-1011-4No ConfirmURL information on server
    AM-1011-5Platform is not LINE
    AM-1012-0When previous utterance saving feature is enabled, but message to be used when previous answer doesn't exist is not set
    AM-1012-1When the use of previous utterance content saving feature is attempted, but platform is not CLOVA
    AM-2001-nAction method v2, exceeded permitted handling number
    AM-2002-nAction method v2, timed out. The default value is set to 200 ms. Error is returned if this value is exceeded
    AM-2003-0Action method v2, no information found
    AM-2004-0Invalid response
    AM-2005-0HTTP request error
    AM-2006-nHTTP response is not in the range of 200 to 208 (n response code)


    Error codeDescription
    FM-1001-0FormData error occurred
    FM-1002-0Unable to find FormData
    FM-1002-1Replace error
    FM-1003-0FormData response parsing error

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