Managing Cloud Outbound Mailer permissions
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    Managing Cloud Outbound Mailer permissions

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    You may set various access permissions for Cloud Outbound Mailer using Sub Account, which is an account management service provided by NAVER Cloud Platform. Sub Account provides System Managed policies and User Created policies for setting management and administration permissions.


    The Sub Account service is provided free of charge upon subscription request. For details about Sub Account, please refer to the Services > Management & Governance > Sub Accountmenu in the NAVER Cloud Platform portal and the Sub Account Guide.

    System Managed policies

    System Managed policies are role-based policies defined by NAVER Cloud Platform for user convenience. Once System Managed policies are granted to a sub account created in Sub Account, the sub account may use Cloud Outbound Mailer. The following is a brief description of System Managed policies of Cloud Outbound Mailer.

    Policy namePolicy description
    NCP_ADMINISTRATORPermission to access the portal and console in NAVER Cloud Platform in the same manner as main accounts
    NCP_INFRA_MANAGERPermission to use all services in NAVER Cloud Platform and access My Page > Manage notifications in the portal
    NCP_CLOUD_OUTBOUND_MAILER_MANAGERPermission to use all features of Cloud Outbound Mailer
    NCP_CLOUD_OUTBOUND_MAILER_VIEWERPermission to only use the View list and Search features of Cloud Outbound Mailer

    User Created policies

    User Created policies are policies that users may create. Once User Created policies are granted to a sub account created in Sub Account, the sub account may only use the user-assigned action combinations. The following is a brief description of User Created policies of Cloud Outbound Mailer.

    TypeAction nameRelated action(s)Resource typeGroup by resource typeAction description
    ViewView/getMailList--MailView mailing list (list by request, list by mail, list by recipient)
    ViewView/downloadExcelForMailListView/getMailList-MailDownload mailing list as Excel file
    ViewView/getAddressBookList--Address BookView recipient group list
    ViewView/downloadExcelForAddressBookView/getAddressBookList-Address BookDownload recipient list as Excel file
    ViewView/getAddressBookView/getAddressBookListRecipientGroupAddress BookView addresses of recipient group
    ViewView/getTemplateList--TemplatesSearch mail template list
    ViewView/downloadJsonForTemplateView/getTemplateList-TemplatesDownload template as JSON file
    ViewView/getTemplateDetailView/getTemplateListTemplateTemplatesDetailed search on template
    ViewView/getStatistics--StatisticsView statistics
    ViewView/downloadExcelForStatisticsView/getStatistics-StatisticsDownload statistics as Excel file
    ViewView/getUnsubscribeList--Unsubscribe ListView unsubscribe list
    ViewView/downloadExcelForUnsubscribeListView/getUnsubscribeList-Unsubscribe ListDownload unsubscribe list as Excel file
    ViewView/getSendBlockList--Send Block ListView address on block list
    ViewView/getCustomerConfigsView/getSendBlockList-Send Block ListView customer-specific settings (blocked senders default hold time, etc.)
    ViewView/getDomainList--Domain ManagementView registered domain list
    ChangeChange/createExcelForMailListView/getMailList-MailCreate Excel file for mailing list
    ChangeChange/sendMailView/getMailList-MailSend email
    ChangeChange/createExcelForAddressBookView/getAddressBookList-Address BookCreate Excel file for recipient group
    ChangeChange/initializeAddressBook--Address BookReset recipient group (delete all groups and addresses)
    ChangeChange/createAddressBookGroupView/getAddressBookList-Address BookAdd new recipient group
    ChangeChange/changeAddressBookGroupView/getAddressBookListRecipientGroupAddress BookEdit group of registered mail address, change group name, empty group
    ChangeChange/deleteAddressBookGroupView/getAddressBookListRecipientGroupAddress BookDelete recipient group
    ChangeChange/createAddressView/getAddressBookRecipientGroupAddress BookRegister address to recipient group
    ChangeChange/deleteAddressView/getAddressBook-Address BookDelete address from recipient group
    -Address BookChange address book and group of registered address
    ChangeChange/createJsonForTemplateView/getTemplateList-TemplatesCreate JSON file for mail template
    ChangeChange/importJsonForTemplateView/getTemplateList-TemplatesImport template in JSON format
    ChangeChange/createTemplatesView/getTemplateList-TemplatesCreate category and mail template
    ChangeChange/deleteTemplatesView/getTemplateListTemplateTemplatesDelete category and mail template
    ChangeChange/changeTemplatesView/getTemplateListTemplateTemplatesEdit template, order, and change category
    ChangeChange/createExcelForUnsubscribeListView/getUnsubscribeList-Unsubscribe ListCreate Excel file for unsubscribe list
    ChangeChange/createUnsubscribeAddressesView/getUnsubscribeList-Unsubscribe ListRegister email address to unsubscribe list
    ChangeChange/deleteUnsubscribeAddressesView/getUnsubscribeList-Unsubscribe ListDelete email address from unsubscribe list
    ChangeChange/deleteSendBlockListView/getSendBlockList-Send Block ListDelete address registered on block list
    -Send Block ListChange customer-specific settings (blocked senders default hold time, etc.)
    ChangeChange/createDomain--Domain ManagementRegister domain and change authentication information
    ChangeChange/deleteDomain--Domain ManagementDelete domain
    ChangeChange/subscribeProduct--ProductRequest subscription and cancel subscription

    Even when you are granted permission for a specific action, if you are not also granted permissions for the related actions that are required, then you won't be able to perform jobs properly. To prevent such issues, Sub Account provides a feature that automatically grants permissions for related actions when granting action permissions. However, if you deselect related actions that are automatically granted, then the system determines that it was done intentionally by the main account user and won't forcibly include them. So, be careful when setting permissions.

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