Germany Region
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    Germany Region

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    Article Summary

    Available in Classic

    Services available in the Germany Region are as follows:


    Dependency scope refers to the range of potential impacts when data and resources are created within a service.

    Service nameClassic environmentDependent scope
    SSD ServerOZone
    GPU Server-Zone
    Bare Metal ServerOZone
    Public IPOZone
    Server ImageOZone
    Block StorageOZone
    Init ScriptORegion
    Private Subnet (Classic)OZone
    Network Interface-Zone
    Auto ScalingOZone
    Cloud Functions-Region
    Application Server Launcher-Zone
    ContainersContainer Registry-Region
    Ncloud Kubernetes Service-Zone
    StorageObject Storage-Region
    Archive Storage-Region
    Load BalancerORegion
    Global DNSOGlobal
    IPsec VPNOZone
    Global Traffic ManagerOGlobal
    Cloud Connect-Region
    NAT Gateway-Zone
    DatabaseCloud DB for MySQLOZone
    Cloud DB for RedisOZone
    Cloud DB for MSSQL-Zone
    Cloud DB for MongoDB-Zone
    Cloud DB for PostgreSQL-Zone
    Database Migration Service-Region
    SecuritySecure Zone-Zone
    App SaferOGlobal
    File SaferOGlobal
    Web Security CheckerOGlobal
    App Security CheckerOGlobal
    System Security CheckerOGlobal
    Basic SecurityORegion
    SSL VPN-Region
    Security MonitoringORegion
    Compliance GuideOGlobal
    Key Management ServiceOGlobal
    Certificate ManagerORegion
    Private CAOGlobal
    Webshell Behavior Detector-Region
    Cloud Security Watcher-Region
    AI ServicesAiTEMS-Region
    CLOVA AiCall-Zone
    CLOVA Chatbot-Zone
    CLOVA Dubbing-Zone
    CLOVA OCR-Region
    CLOVA Speech-Region
    CLOVA Studio-Zone
    CLOVA GreenEye-Region
    Papago TranslationOGlobal
    Application ServicesGeoLocation-Region
    Simple & Easy Notification Service-Region
    API GatewayOGlobal
    Ncloud Simple RabbitMQ-Region
    Cloud Outbound Mailer-Region
    AI NAVER APICLOVA Speech Recognition (CSR)OGlobal
    CLOVA VoiceOGlobal
    CLOVA SentimentOGlobal
    CLOVA SummaryOGlobal
    Papago Image TranslationOGlobal
    Korean Name RomanizerOGlobal
    Search TrendOGlobal
    Big Data & AnalyticsCloud Hadoop-Zone
    Cloud Search-Region
    Search Engine Service-Zone
    Data Analytics Service-Global
    Cloud Data Streaming Service-Zone
    Data Forest-Region
    Cloud Data Box-Region
    HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics-Region
    Data Catalog-Region
    Data Box Frame-Region
    Data Flow-Region
    Data Qeury-Region
    BlockchainBlockchain Service-Region
    Business ApplicationsWORKPLACEOGlobal
    NAVER WORKS-Region
    Content DeliveryCDN+(Domestic)-Region
    Global CDNOGlobal
    Global EdgeORegion
    Developer ToolsSourceCommit-Region
    Dgital TwinARC eye-Region
    Game Report-Region
    Game Chat (deprecated)-Region
    Hybrid & Private CloudHybrid Cloud Hosting-Zone
    Internet of ThingsCloud IoT CoreOGlobal
    IoT Device Hub-Region
    Management & GovernanceCloud Log AnalyticsORegion
    Sub AccountOGlobal
    Web service Monitoring SystemOGlobal
    Effective Log Search & AnalyticsOGlobal
    Network Traffic Monitoring-Region
    Cloud Activity TracerOGlobal
    Resource ManagerOGlobal
    Cloud Insight (Monitoring)OGlobal
    Pinpoint CloudOGlobal
    Cloud Advisor-Global
    API Workflow-Region
    Ncloud Single Sign-OnOGlobal
    MediaImage Optimizer-Region
    Live Station-Region
    VOD Station-Region
    Media Connect Center-Region
    Video Player EnhancementOGlobal
    One Click Multi DRM-Region
    B2B PRISM Live Studio-Region
    MigrationData Teleporter-Region
    Object Migration-Region

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