Singapore Region
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Singapore Region

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The latest service changes have not yet been reflected in this content. We will update the content as soon as possible. Please refer to the Korean version for information on the latest updates.

Available in Classic and VPC

Services provided by Singapore region and platform environment

Information on services available for each region and platform provided by NAVER Cloud Platform.


In the table below, dependent scope refers to the scope that may be affected when you create a contract that is considered a billing unit or instance for providing the service.

Service name VPC environment Classic environment Dependent scope
Compute Server O O Zone
SSD Server O O Zone
GPU Server O O Zone
TensorFlow Server O O Zone
TensorFlow Cluster - - -
Block Storage O O Zone
ACG O O Zone
Public IP O O Region
Server Image O O Zone
Server Image Builder - - -
Storage O O Zone
Snapshot O O Zone
Init Script O O Region
Private Subnet O O Zone
Network Interface O O Zone
Bare Metal Server O O Zone
Pinpoint O O Zone
Auto Scaling O O Zone
Cloud Functions O - Region
Application Server Launcher - - -
Containers Container Registry O O Region
Kubernetes Service O O Zone
Storage Object Storage O O Region
Archive Storage - - -
NAS O O Zone
Networking VPC O - Region
Load Balancer O O Region
Cloud Connect - - -
Global DNS O O Global
IPsec VPN - O Zone
NAT Gateway O - Region
SSL VPN O - Zone
Global Route Manager - O Global
Database Cloud DB for MySQL O O Zone
Cloud DB for Redis O O Zone
Cloud DB for MSSQL O - Zone
Cloud DB for MongoDB O - Zone
Cloud DB for PostgreSQL O - Zone
Security Secure Zone - - -
Basic Security O O Region
Security Monitoring O O Region
Webshell Behavior Detector - - -
Site Safer O O Global
File Safer O O Global
App Safer O O Global
Web Security Checker O O Global
System Security Checker O O Global
App Security Checker O O Global
Key Management Service O O Global
Certificate Manager O O Region
Private CA O O Region
Compliance Guide O O Global
AI Services CLOVA Chatbot - - -
CLOVA Dubbing - - -
CLOVA Speech - - -
Application Services GeoLocation - - -
Simple & Easy Notification Service - - -
API Gateway O O Global
Rabbit MQ O O Zone
Simple RabbitMQ Service O - Region
Cloud Outbound Mailer - - -
AI NAVER API CLOVA Speech Recognition (CSR) - O Global
CLOVA Speech Synthesis(CSS) - O Global
CLOVA Premium Voice (CPV) - O Global
CLOVA Face Recognition(CFR) - O Global
CLOVA Voice - O Global
CLOVA Sentiment - O Global
CLOVA Summary - O Global
Papago Translation - O Global
Pose Estimation - O Global
Object Detection - O Global
Maps - O Global
CAPTCHA - O Global
Papago Korean Name Romanizer - O Global
nShortURL - O Global
Search Trend - O Global
Big Data & Analytics Cloud Hadoop - - Zone
Cloud Search - - -
Search Engine Service O - Zone
Data Analytics Service - - -
Cloud Data Streaming Service O - Region
Data Forest - - -
HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics - - -
Blockchain Blockchain Service - - -
Business Applications WORKPLACE - O Global
WORKBOX - O Global
RPA Service - - -
Hello - - -
Content Delivery CDN+(Domestic) - - -
Global CDN - O Global
Developer Tools Jenkins - O Zone
SourceCommit O O Region
Jenkins - O Zone
SourceBuild O O Region
SourceDeploy O - Region
SourcePipeline O - Region
Gaming GAMEPOT - O Region
Game Report - - -
Game Chat - O Region
Hybrid & Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Hosting - - -
VMware on Ncloud - - -
Internet of Things Cloud IoT Core O O Global
IoT Device Hub - - -
Management & Governance Monitoring - O Global
Cloud Log Analytics(CLA) O O Region
Sub Account O O Global
Real User Analytics(RUA) - O Global
Web service Monitoring System O O Global
Effective Log Search & Analytics O O Global
Network Traffic Monitoring - New subscriptions suspended Region
Cloud Activity Tracer O O Global
Resource Manager O O Global
Cloud Insight(Monitoring) O O Global
Pinpoint Cloud O O Global
Cloud Advisor - - Global
Organization O O Global
Media VOD Transcoder (deprecated) - - -
Image Optimizer - - -
Live Station - - -
VOD Station (deprecated) - - -
Video Player - O Global
VOD Station - - -
Migration Data Teleporter - - -
Object Migration - - -

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