Kubernetes Service overview
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    Kubernetes Service overview

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    Available in VPC

    Kubernetes Service is an open source platform that automates application containerization, deployment, scaling, and management.

    You can use NAVER Cloud Platform's Kubernetes Service to effectively control and manage Kubernetes environments. You can actively control the size of infrastructure used by applications and monitor the operation status to effectively manage your services.

    A variety of features available from Kubernetes Service

    Please see below for detailed descriptions about the variety of features that Kubernetes Service offers.

    • Kubernetes environment building: Complex and repetitive cluster configuration task is simplified in Kubernetes Service, saving the time it takes to build, operate, and maintain clusters.
    • Kubernetes deployment and management: Secure communication is provided between worker nodes and the managed-type control area, and quick provisioning of worker nodes enables you to easily expand the application. In addition, on-demand upgrades and patches are available.
    • Cluster auto scaling: An auto scaling feature which responds to different workload demands is provided, such as horizontal auto scaling of pods based on CPU usage or a manually set value or cluster auto scaling performed by nodepool, etc.

    Kubernetes Service guide information

    The Kubernetes Service guide consists of a total of 8 topics that will help you to effectively use Kubernetes Service. The content that readers can view in each topic is as follows.

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as a guide to help customers better understand Kubernetes Service. If you're a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you're considering adopting Kubernetes Service for your company or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

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