Object Storage glossary
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    Object Storage glossary

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    There are a few terms you need to know to use Object Storage. The terms and their descriptions are as follows.

    API authentication key

    A user identification tool issued for each user, configured as a pair made up of an access key and secret key so that only users with permissions can call APIs, which can control various features of services provided by NAVER Cloud Platform


    Space that is assigned from a storage space and has value, or referenced by an identifier (variables, data structure, function, or method)


    Structuralized data that provide explanations on other data. Data is provided to content according to a certain set of rules, for efficient search and use of desired information from a large volume of data.


    The performance indicator collected by NAVER Cloud Platform's Cloud Insight. Classified into system metrics and custom metrics.


    Data storage space. The top directory grouping related objects.


    A process of deleting an object that has been stored in Object Storage for a certain period of time or a process of transferring it to Archive Storage of NAVER Cloud Platform

    Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Tool that helps software development. (For example, App Safer provides security SDK(Software Development Kit) that can monitor mobile device routing and malicious or tampered applications, and supports systems to receive API Calls from SDK-mounted devices and go through security check.)

    Archive Storage

    A NAVER Cloud Platform service optimized for data archiving and long-term backup

    Application Programming Interface (API)

    Generic term for various interfaces that allow application programs to be written using operating systems, systems, applications, libraries, and others through programming

    Object Storage

    A NAVER Cloud Platform service that can save and search all types of data on the internet

    Access Control List (ACL)

    List of records of subjects with access to specific objects of buckets approved, as well as items of which the subjects gained access to

    Cloud Insight

    A NAVER Cloud Platform service that provides a monitoring feature which manages the performance and operation indicators of the cloud environment in integration, as well as promptly alerting the person in charge when failure occurs

    Cloud Functions

    A NAVER Cloud Platform service that allows easy execution of desired business logics without the burden of managing servers

    Key Management Service (KMS)

    A NAVER Cloud Platform service that strictly manages and securely protects keys used to encrypt the customer's important information according to the security policies set by the customer


    To see a full list of terms and definitions, go to Glossary from the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.

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