Object Storage release notes
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    Object Storage release notes

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    These are the release notes of the Object Storage user guide. The release description is prepared based on the following criteria.

    • New
      • Release of new service
    • Update
      • Features added: the service's new features added
      • Features changed: the service's features changed
      • Bug fixed: the service's bug fixed
      • End: the service or its features faded out
      • Other: changes in guide contents or composition unrelated to service update

    View the details of release notes referring to the above criteria.

    2024. 6. 20.

    ClassificationRevised contentsDetailed path
    Update - otherTroubleshooting guide providedTroubleshooting Object Storage

    2022. 6. 23.

    ClassificationRevised contentsDetailed path
    Update - other
    • Composition and content of the user guide reorganized
    • Release notes for the user guide provided

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