Prerequisites for using Object Storage
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Prerequisites for using Object Storage

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Available in Classic and VPC

Check supported environment, limitations, and usage fee for smooth use of Object Storage.

Cloud environment specifications

The following details are the cloud environment specifications supported by Object Storage.

Items Supported specifications
Region (Zone) Korea, United States, Singapore, Japan, and Germany
Platform VPC, Classic
Languages Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified)

Please refer to Service Introduction in the NAVER Cloud Platform portal if you would like to know more about VPC environments, and to Ncloud User Environment Guide if you would like to know whether a VPC environment is supported for individual services.


Restrictions for Object Storage are as follows.

Items Specifications
Number of buckets that can be created Less than 1,000
Length of the object name (including the folder path) Less than 1,024 bytes
Object upload and download limit
  • Console: The maximum size of a single file that can be uploaded/downloaded is 2 GB or less
  • Upload API (PutObject, UploadPart): The maximum size of a single file that can be uploaded is 10 TB or less
  • Download API (getObject): No maximum downloadable file size limit
  • Note

    There is no limit to the storage capacity of the bucket.

    Usage fee

    Object Storage is a paid service, and the usage fee is billed by adding up the data storage amount, the number of API requests, and the network transmission fee.

    • Data storage fees: fees are billed on the basis of the amount of data stored in Object Storage and their storage time
    • API request count fees: fees are billed according to the number of requests to use Object Storage
    • Network transmission fee: outbound transmission fee using the Internet Additional charges are billed if a private domain is used in the VPC environment.

    The internal network transfer fee with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM server, CDN+, and Global CDN is free.

    For details about Object Storage’s pricing standard, refer to the Service > Storage > Object Storage menu or the pricing information page by region.

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