Object Storage page
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Object Storage page

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It is available in a Classic/VPC environment.

Connect to NAVER Cloud Platform's portal, and then click the [Console] > Services > Storage > Object Storage menus, in that order, to connect to the Object Storage menu.

Bucket Management page

The Bucket Management page, the main Object Storage page, is composed as follows.


Field Description
① Menu name Name of menu currently being checked, number of buckets created
② Basic features Bucket creation, view Object Storage details, refreshing the Bucket Management page
③ Bucket list List of created buckets
④ Post-creation features Features including file upload, download, new folder creation, and file/folder management after bucket creation
⑤ Search window Searching for data stored in the bucket by folder name or file name
⑥ List of files Viewing the list and information of the files stored in the bucket.

View the file list

You can view a list of folders and files stored in the selected bucket. The following describes how to view the information.


The list can be checked if one or more buckets are created. If there is no bucket created, then the list isn't shown in the Bucket Management page.

  1. Click the Services > Storage > Object Storage menus in order in the NAVER Cloud Platform console.
  2. Click the desired bucket in the bucket list.
  3. When the list of folders/files appears, click the file and view the details.
    • Name: name of the file
    • Size: size of the file
    • Modified date: last file update date
    • Link: path that can be accessed on the web when the file is disclosed
      • Disclosed files are opened on the web upon clicking the path.
      • Click i-objectstorage_copy to copy the path.
    • Metadata management: Views the metadata list of the file.
    • Permission management: Views the file disclosure status and the list of other accounts granted with use permissions.
      • Click i-objectstorage_enlargement to change the disclosure status or modify the list of granted use permissions. (Refer to Permission management)
    • Lock management: This is only displayed in locked buckets. Views the file retention period and legal retention activation status.
      • Click i-objectstorage_enlargement to extend the retention period or modify the legal retention activation label (Refer to (Setting management)

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