Organization glossary
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Organization glossary

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Available in Classic and VPC

There is a glossary you need to know to use Organization. The glossary and its description are as follows.

  • Master account
    The master account has management permissions of an organization and the account that creates the organization is the master account of the organization. Only the master account is allowed to invite other accounts to the organization or manage member accounts of the organization.

  • Member account
    The member account belongs to an organization and each member account is allowed to belong to only one organization. With an invitation from the organization master account, the member account is allowed to join the organization. To withdraw from the organization, approval from the master account is required.

  • Account group
    This is a group of member accounts and used for managing the hierarchy of an organization. You may add another account group under the account group and add member accounts to the account group.

  • Quota Policy
    See NAVER Cloud Platform glossary

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