Organization overview
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Organization overview

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Available in Classic and VPC

Organization is a service that provides features to integrate expenses occurred in all accounts in the organization and manage the resource usage policies.

Various feature provided by Organization

The descriptions of various feature provided by Organization are as follows.

  • Organization configuration and expense management: An IT manager of an organization may configure the Organization by inviting NAVER Cloud Platform accounts currently used in the organization. They may monitor all service usage statuses of NAVER Cloud Platform in the organization and related expenses.
  • Provide independent cloud environment by service/department/workload: You can provide an independent cloud environment by creating separate NAVER Cloud Platform accounts by service/department/workload to effectively separate resources and restrict user access.
  • Manage usage limits: You may establish the cloud governance policy (Quota Policy) of the organization, set the scope of application of the established governance policy, and apply the established policy to each account group or account.

Introduction to Organization Guide

Organization provides a service in the Korea, U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Germany regions. The service content is identical in the regions. Please check the following table of contents and their details for smooth use of Organization.

NAVER Cloud Platform provides various related resources as well as the guide to help customers better understand Organization. If you're a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you're considering adopting Organization for your company or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

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