Organization scenario
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Organization scenario

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Available in Classic and VPC

You may apply for the use of Organization by creating an organization from the NAVER Cloud Platform console or accept an organization invitation. Thereafter, a master account may create an account group for using Organization, invite an account, and create a Quota Policy in the console or portal, and a member account may request to withdraw from the organization in the console.

Master account scenario

The following describes usage scenarios of master accounts.

  1. Create organization: console

  2. Create and manage account groups: console

    • Create account group
    • Modify the name of account group
    • View details on the account group Quota Policy
    • Change the account group Quota Policy
    • Move account groups
    • Remove account groups
    • Guide pages for this step
  3. Invite and manage accounts: console

    • Invite accounts
    • View details on the member account Quota Policy
    • View usage limits
    • Move accounts
    • Forcefully withdraw member accounts
    • Accept or reject withdrawal requests
    • Guide pages for this step
  4. Create and manage the Quota Policy: console

  5. View the expenses and service usage status of Organization: portal

Member account scenarios

The following describes usage scenarios of member accounts.

  1. Accept or reject invitation to organization: console

  2. Apply for the organization withdrawal: console

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