Quota Policy
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Quota Policy

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Available in Classic and VPC

The Quota Policy introduces menus and features for configuring a Quota Policy, which is a usage limit policy assigned to an account group by a master account, as well as describes how to view Quota Policy lists.

Quota Policy Page

The Quota Policy page is laid out as follows.


Field Description
① Menu name Displays name of the menu currently being viewed and number of created Quota Policies
② Features
  • [Create new policy]: Click to create a Quota Policy. (Refer to Create Quota Policy)
  • [View usage limit]: Click to view usage limits by account in an organization.
  • [Learn more about products]: Click to go to the Organization introduction page.
  • [Refresh]: Click to refresh the Quota Policy list.
  • [Delete selected policy]: Click to delete the selected Quota Policy. (Refer to Delete Quota Policy)
  • [Copy selected policy]: Click to create a Quota Policy with the same settings as the selected Quota Policy. (Refer to Copy Quota Policy)
③ Quota Policy List Display the created Quota Policy
  • [Edit]: Click to modify the Quota Policy. (Refer to Modify Quota Policy)
  • Usage limit ** [View more]: Click to view details on usage limits.
  • Application target [View more]: Click to view details on application targets.
  • [Add]: Click to add a target to which the Quota Policy is applied.
  • [Remove]**: Click to delete the application target.

View Quota Policy list

You may view the created Quota Policy in the Quota Policy list and check the details of the Quota Policy. The following describes how to view the Quota Policy list.

  1. From the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > Management & Governance > Organization menus, in that order.
  2. Click the Quota Policy menu.
  3. Check the summary information or click the Quota Policy to check the details in the Quota Policy list.
    • Policy name: the name of Quota Policy
    • Number of account groups applied: the number of accounts groups to which the Quota Policy is applied
    • Last modified date: the latest date when the Quota Policy is modified
    • Policy description: the description of the Quota Policy
    • Usage limits: usage limit information set to the Quota Policy
      • Region: available regions
      • Category: Available/Creatable resource category
      • Resource: available resources
      • Usage limits: the quantity/capacity limit for creating the resource
    • Application target: target information to which the Quota Policy is applied
      • Account group: account group information to which the Quota Policy is applied
      • Applied date: the date of applying the Quota Policy

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