Prerequisites for using Organization
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Prerequisites for using Organization

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Available in Classic and VPC

Check cloud environment specifications, restrictions, and usage fee for smooth use of Organization.

Cloud environment specifications

The following details are the cloud environment specifications supported by Organization.

Item Support specifications
Region Korea, U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Germany
Platform VPC, Classic
Language Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified)


The following are the restrictions in using Organization.

Type Description
Organization creation/signing-up/withdrawal
  • Not allowed to create Organization and sign up for Organization in case of an account with unpaid balance
  • Allowed to create Organization and withdraw from Organization when a valid payment method is registered
  • Allowed to create only one organization per account
  • Allowed to sign up for one organization per member account
  • A master account is not allowed to sign up for another organization
  • Allowed to overlap account groups up to 5 depths
Invitation email
  • An invitation email is valid for 30 days and will automatically expire if it is not accepted within 30 days.
  • You may re-invite the same account, even if the invitation email has expired.
  • Acceptance of account invitations from 0:00 of the first day of the month to 23:59 of the second day of the month is processed on the third day of the month.
  • You are not allowed to accept withdrawal of member accounts or forcefully withdraw member accounts from 0:00 of the first day of the month to 23:59 of the second day of the month

Usage fees

Organization is provided free of charge. For the detailed description of Organization, please refer to Services > Management & Governance > Organization of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.

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