Managing Papago Translation permissions
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Managing Papago Translation permissions

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Available in Classic and VPC

By using Sub Account, which is an account management service of NAVER Cloud Platform, you may set various access permissions for Papago Translation. Sub Account provides System Managed policies for setting management and administration permissions.


The Sub Account service is provided free of charge upon subscription request. For detailed information on Sub Account, refer to the Service > Management & Governance > Sub Account menu in the NAVER Cloud Platform portal and the Sub Account Guide.

System Managed Policies

System Managed policies are role-based policies defined by NAVER Cloud Platform for user convenience. Once System Managed policies are granted to a sub account created in Sub Account, the sub account with granted permissions may use Papago Translation. The following is a brief description about System Managed policies of Papago Translation.

Policy name Description
NCP_ADMINISTRATOR Permission to access the portal and console in NAVER Cloud Platform in the same manner as main accounts
NCP_INFRA_MANAGER Permission to use all services in NAVER Cloud Platform and access My Page > Manage notifications in the portal
NCP_PAPAGO_TRANSLATION_MANAGER Permission to use all features of Papago Translation

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