Secure Zone overview
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    Secure Zone overview

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    Secure Zone is a security service that can protect important information resources such as personal information more safely. The access control of the Secure Zone is applied through a strong multi border protection model that is controlled twice at the network gateway level through the Secure Zone firewall and ACG, and once at the server gateway level.

    Various features provided by the Secure Zone

    The following features are offered in the Secure Zone.

    • Enhanced security with SSL VPN: the Secure Zone provides the optimal security environment by allowing server access only through SSL VPN because it does not provide a public IP
    • Access control through the Secure Zone firewall: access control is possible by setting policies for instances created within the Secure Zone for each firewall
    • Secure Zone multi-zone configuration: the Secure Zone is provided on a zone-by-zone basis to enable multi-zone redundancy configuration
    • Support for hybrid configuration through IPsec VPN communication: service structure expansion is possible through hybrid configuration between the Secure Zone and legacy infrastructure by creating an advanced firewall

    About the Secure Zone guide

    Secure Zone provides its services in the Korea region. Please see the following table of contents and the details for smooth use of the Secure Zone.

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as a guide to help customers better understand the Secure Zone. If you're a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you're considering adopting the Secure Zone for your company or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

    Check FAQs first.

    You can get your questions answered quickly by referring to the answers in the FAQ before reading the guide. If you haven't found the answer to your question in the FAQ below, search the guide for what you would like to know.

    Q. Are there services that should be used together for strengthening the security of the Secure Zone? A. To strengthen the security of the Secure Zone, please use the following services together:

    • Use SSL VPN with 2FA (two-factor authentication) to safely access servers created within the Secure Zone
    • Use a DB security solution to strengthen the security of important information resources stored in the Secure Zone
    • Protect the Secure Zone from security threats to the server by monitoring with Security Monitoring
    • Create MySQL DB for safely managing important information in the Secure Zone using Cloud DB for MySQL
    • Connect Secure Zone servers to external legacy servers safely using IPsec VPN

    Q. If policies are not set on the Secure Zone firewall, can I access the instances created within the Secure Zone?
    A. All external communications to the Secure Zone are blocked, and only internal access is allowed. To access Secure Zone instances, you must create a firewall in the Secure Zone Firewall menu and then create a policy that allows communication between the Service Zone or SSL VPN and the Secure Zone.

    Q. What is the scope of setting access policies to the Secure Zone instances?
    A. You can set policies for SSL VPN incoming traffic and private access between all zones of NAVER Cloud Platform except the Secure Zone.

    Q. Can I publicly use NAS between the public and the Secure Zone?
    A. While public use is possible, we recommend not storing personal information on NAS as it will not go through the firewall.

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