Network Usage
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    Network Usage

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    In Network usage, we will explain the page layout of the Network Usage menu and how to check the traffic usage.

    Network usage page

    The Network usage page is laid out as follows:


    ① Select firewallThe firewall that is being currently checked is displayed, and you can move to other firewall pages through the dropdown menu.
    ② Search areaAfter setting the period, click the [Search] button to check the traffic usage for a specific period.
    ③ Download ExcelClick to download the traffic usage list you searched as an Excel file.
    ④ GraphDisplays the searched traffic usage in a graph
    • You can scroll or drag and drop the bottom bar to change the length and adjust the range to be displayed on the graph
    ⑤ ListDisplays the searched traffic usage in a list

    If you download the traffic usage as an Excel file, only the searched data, not all the data, will be downloaded.

    Search traffic usage

    You can view traffic usage by firewall on a daily and hourly basis. The following shows how to view traffic usage.

    1. Click the Services > Services > Security > Secure Zone menu on the NAVER Cloud Platform console one-by-one in that order.
    2. Click the Secure Zone Firewall menu.
    3. Please click the [Network Usage] button of the firewall you want to view the usage for.
    4. If necessary, set the period for which you want to view the usage and then click the [Search] button.
      • You can check the traffic usage in a graph and list.

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