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    The policy overview describes policy that must be confirmed before you send an SMS message.

    Send international SMS

    Before sending an international SMS, confirm the international SMS usage fee and calling number policy of each country.

    International SMS usage fee

    The following describes matters related to the international SMS usage fee.

    • The usage fee for international SMS is charged by the number of messages sent. Success of delivery is confirmed when the delivery request is delivered to an overseas communications company through a relay company.
    • Even an international SMS that delivered successfully may not be received in a terminal due to the network of the recipient, conditions of the terminal, etc. As a result, usage fee may be charged even if the actual recipient didn’t receive the global message.
    • It may take some time to identify the cause of failure of delivery through the overseas communications company, and sometimes it may not be able to identify the exact cause.
    • Overseas communications companies usually retain delivery logs for 7 days or less, so the determining the cause for not receiving messages may be difficult, depending on when the inquiry is submitted.
    • If you send a long SMS, it may reach the recipient's device after being divided into multiple SMS messages, depending on the recipient's communications company. In such cases, it is possible that usage fee is charged for the number of messages divided.

    Calling number policy of each international SMS sending country

    The following is the list of countries that support international SMS service and the calling number policy of each country.

    • When sending an international SMS, the calling number for the messages sent may be changed to a random number according to the calling number management policy for the country where the message is sent.
    • Only OTP messages can be sent for countries with strict messaging policies such as China and Vietnam. SMS messages can only be sent in the designated template formats in EU countries.
    • Global SMS messages may not be supported later even in the currently registered countries, depending on the policy of the local communications company.
    RegionCountryReceiving country (English)Country codeCalling number policyNote
    AmericaUS/CanadaUSA/Canada1Changed to a random number-
    AsiaTaiwanTaiwan886Changed to a random numberIf you need to fix the calling number, contact Customer support (additional fee is charged)
    JapanJapan81Simple & Easy Notification Service SMS fix[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    ChinaChina86Changed to a random number
    • Only OTP message can be sent
    • 【Verify】 signature is automatically inserted in the message content
    • [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SingaporeSingapore65Changed to a random number-
    Hong KongHongkong852-[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    IndonesiaIndonesia62-[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    PhilippinesPhilippines63-[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    ThailandThailand66Changed to a random number[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    BruneiBrunei Darussalam673--
    VietnamVietnam84Only available for local businesses in Vietnam to ship, and pre-registration is required for shipping
    • Only OTP message can be sent
    • [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    • For more information on the pre-registration methods, contact Customer support
    CambodiaCambodia855Changed to a random number-
    IndiaIndia91Changed to a random number-
    Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia966To send, you must register in advance
    • [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    • For more information on the pre-registration methods, contact Customer support
    United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates971To send, you must register in advanceFor more information on the pre-registration methods, contact Customer support
    AzerbaijanAzerbaijan994GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    UkraineUkraine380Changed to a random number-
    EgyptEgypt20-[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    OceaniaNew ZealandNew Zealand64Changed to a random number[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    AustraliaAustralia61-[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea675--
    EuropeGreeceGreece30GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    NetherlandsNetherlands31GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    NorwayNorway47GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    DenmarkDenmark45GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    GermanyGermany49GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    LatviaLatvia371GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    RussiaRussia7GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    LebanonLebanon961GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    RomaniaRomania40GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    LuxembourgLuxembourg352GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    LithuaniaLithuania370GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    MacedoniaMacedonia389GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    MaltaMalta356GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    BahrainBahrain973GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    • GDPR
    • Changed to a random number
    [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    BelarusBelarus375GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    • GDPR
    • Changed to a random number
    [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    BulgariaBulgaria359GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SerbiaSerbia381GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SwedenSweden46GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SwitzerlandSwitzerland41GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SpainSpain34GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SlovakiaSlovakia421GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    SloveniaSlovenia386GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    IrelandIreland353GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    EstoniaEstonia372GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    United KingdomUnited Kingdom44
    • GDPR
    • Changed to a random number
    [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    AustriaAustria43GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    ItalyItaly39GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    Czech RepublicCzech Republic420GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    CroatiaCroatia385GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    CyprusCyprus357GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    • GDPR
    • Changed to a random number
    [{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    PolandPoland48GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    FranceFrance33GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    FinlandFinland358GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    HungaryHungary36GDPR[{Company Name}] verification: {Number}
    ## Prohibition of alteration of calling number

    According to the Telecommunications Business Act, Calling number pre-registration has been implemented since October 16, 2015. Calling number pre-registration is a system that only sends texts with pre-registered caller IDs to prevent any damage that can be caused by fake caller IDs under Article 84 of the Telecommunications Business Act.
    Therefore, to send an SMS message, the user must register his/her number or a corporate number and submit explanatory materials within 3 days if Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) asks them to investigate the alteration of a calling number.

    Duty to indicate 080 blocked numbers

    Due to the reinforced Act on Information and Communications Network (Article 50) to prevent illegal spam messages, when a recipient receives an ad message, the recipient must be able to reject or withdraw the subscription of message. In addition, the ad message must include the following content to indicate that the recipient will not bear expanses due to the rejection and withdrawal of subscription of message.
    <example> For free blocking: 080-1234-5678

    A person who violates this act will face a fine of up to 30 million KRW according to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (Go to Korea Internet and Security Agency)

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