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    Available in Classic and VPC

    NAVER Cloud Platform is operated based on membership. You can check the information of services and solutions provided without signing up for it. However, you will need to sign up if you want to understand and experience NAVER's reliable and in-depth services with its accumulated know-how. If you haven't already done it yet, sign up for NAVER Cloud Platform right away to experience its various benefits. Once you sign up, you can check the portal's various information and all its services including building a system using the console. When building your service using the console, you will be charged a monthly fee, only for the amount you used without other upfront costs. If you sign up for NAVER Cloud Platform to use its services and solutions, you can select a member type according to your situation or purpose. There are individual members and business members. There are differences in the sign-up process and the documents you need to prepare, depending on the member type you select. You can also operate the main and sub accounts in the console for each member type to manage the system effectively.

    Types of member and how to sign up

    NAVER Cloud Platform's member types, sign-up methods for each type, and usage range are as follows.

    Member typeMembership conditionsSign up forMembership conditionsRemarks
    IndividualResidents of Korea or Singapore over the age of 19NAVER Cloud Platform portalAutomatically sign up with the main account when signing up for the portalCan create a Sub Account in the console
    BusinessResidents of Korea, Japan, and Singapore who are private businesses and corporations

    Sub Account is a service provided by NAVER Cloud Platform's Management for free. This is a service that allows multiple users to use and manage the same resources. You can use or manage NAVER Cloud Platform's services within the scope of permissions assigned by the main account. Please refer to the Sub Account guide for more information about Sub Account.


    If you don't live in one of the countries specified in the sign-up conditions, then contact Support to join.


    NAVER Cloud Platform endeavors to provide global services and is doing its best to ensure information security and service stability that meet global standards. However, due to security and stability reasons, there are some restrictions on the procedures and services for users outside South Korea. For inquiries regarding sign-up by users outside South Korea, please contact Support for NAVER Cloud Platform.

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