Member benefits
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    Member benefits

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    Signing up for NAVER Cloud Platform allows you to enjoy various benefits where you can experience its services and solutions for free.

    Providing discount credits for new customers

    If you register a payment method after signing up, you can apply for a discount credit of about 100,000 KRW. If a business member agrees to receive marketing information, the member can apply for a discount credit of up to 300,000 KRW. Discount credits can be used to pay for all services except Marketplace products and services for which trials are available (NAVER WORKS, WORKPLACE, WORKBOX) for 3 months after the issuance.


    Discount credits for new customers can't be applied together with discount benefits except in special instances. For details of using credits, please refer to Special payment method.

    You can apply for discount credits as follows.

    1. Access to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    2. Click Login at the upper right of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    3. When the login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log in] button.
    4. Click Provide NAVER Cloud Platform discount credits in the center of the page.


    1. On the discount credit event page for new customers, click the [Apply for credits] button.


    Free Micro Server for a year

    After you've completed signing up as a member whose residence is in South Korea and registering a payment method, you can create and use one Micro Server per person on the console for a year. Micro Server is for Linux only, and it is provided free of charge for one year as a trial. However, you'll be charged for paid services such as Public IP on the server.


    You will be notified by email and SMS a month before the end of the free trial period. Please note that you will be automatically charged for resources not terminated after the end of the free trial period.

    Free services without credit deduction

    After signing up, you can immediately use the services on the console for free indefinitely without any additional payment or procedure. To see the types and content of the free services, please refer to the console's Free service guide (


    According to the NAVER Cloud Platform's policies, free services are subject to change. If they are changed, you will be notified via email and SMS in advance.

    Various events and promotions

    NAVER Cloud Platform is holding various events and promotions for its members to enhance its customers' cloud service experience. It announces details of the ongoing events and promotions to its members via email, SMS, or My page on the portal.

    • If you want to receive event and promotion information via email or SMS: Select the Receive email and SMS in My Page > Manage notifications of the portal
    • If you want to check the information of promotions available on the portal: Check it from My Page > Manage usage > Promotion details of the portal

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