Withdraw membership
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Withdraw membership

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Available in Classic and VPC

You can withdraw from NAVER Cloud Platform. All use of the console and services will be discontinued after withdrawing from the portal. In addition, the use of Sub Account accounts additionally created will also be discontinued. When a member applies for a withdrawal from the portal, the withdrawal will be finally approved after reviewing several items. If there is no problem with the review, then the withdrawal will be completed after the application for withdrawal is approved. An email will be sent to the account through which you requested the withdrawal.

The conditions and notes for withdrawal approval

The conditions and notes for approving the withdrawal are as follows.

  • Complete terminating all services in use
  • Complete the payment for all service fees used (e.g., Approving a withdrawal after February 15, when payment for January is completed, if you apply for the withdrawal in January)
  • The usage fee before the withdrawal will be charged between the 10th and 14th of the following month
  • A refund request is required for the remaining paid credits and charged coins (automatically rendered void if a certain time period passes without a refund request)
  • After the withdrawal, the information specified in the laws will be retained for a certain period according to related laws and regulations, and other information will be destroyed
  • If the information specified in the laws is retained for a certain period according to related laws and regulations, the information will be used within the purpose specified by the laws and destroyed when the period expires
  • When signing up again with the withdrawn ID, there is a limit to granting discount credits, depending on whether you applied for credits before the withdrawal

Please note that even if you sign up again with the ID you withdrew, the information related to the service uses has been deleted and can't be fully recovered.

How to request to withdraw your membership

You can check the withdrawal conditions and apply for a withdrawal as follows.

  1. Access to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
  2. Click Login at the upper right of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
  3. When the login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log in] button.
  4. Click the My Page menu at the top center and then the Manage account menu.
  5. Enter the current password one more time to protect your information, then click the [OK] button.
  6. On the page to manage accounts, click the Withdraw tab menu.
  7. Click the [Next] button to check the instructions for the withdrawal and apply for the withdrawal.
  8. Click the [View billing details] button to check whether you meet the conditions to have the withdrawal approved.
  9. After checking, provide the reason for withdrawal in less than 50 characters and click the [Next] button.
  10. When the withdrawal request completion window appears, click the [OK] button.

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