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My Page

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Available in Classic and VPC

You can check and manage a variety of services' usage statuses provided by NAVER Cloud Platform.

My Page is a service menu provided only for NAVER Cloud Platform members. Please log in to view it.

My Page content

The content provided at My Page are as follows.

  • Manage usage: Manage NAVER Cloud Platform services' usage statuses and billing history, refer to Manage usage for more details
  • Manage account: Manage NAVER Cloud Platform account information, refer to Manage account for more details
  • Manage payment: Manage payment methods, credits, and coins. Refer to Manage payment for more details
  • My inquiries: Check the answers to your inquiries submitted to Contact us
  • Manage notifications: Set whether to receive SMS or emails for events and promotions, set notification recipients
  • Solution usage status: NAVER Cloud Platform solution usage status, refer to Solution usage status for more details
  • Official Edu Apply History: History of your applications for NAVER Cloud Platform official training courses
  • Certification Test History: History of your applications for NAVER Cloud Platform technical certifications

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