Account management
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Account management

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Available in Classic and VPC

You can check and manage information of the NAVER Cloud Platform account currently logged in.

Manage account

The following describes how to view and manage account information.

  1. Access to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
  2. Click Login at the upper right of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
  3. When the login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log in] button.
  4. Click the My Page menu at the top center and then the Manage account menu.
  5. When the Manage account page appears, check the required information and adjust settings.
  • Change member information: Check your member type, login ID, and name, or country information. You can change mobile phone number, address to receive billing notifications, language in use, or address.
  • Change password: Change your account's login password.
  • Manage partner: Confirm the name of registered partner company.
  • Manage two-factor authentication: Set two-factor authentication to protect your account information, refer to Security settings for more information on how to use it.
  • Link to social media: If you are an individual member, click [Link] to link your account to your NAVER ID.
  • Change account: Request to change account after verifying your password and mobile phone number.
  • Manage authentication key: Manage API authentication keys, refer to Security settings for more details.
  • Withdraw from membership: Withdraw from your NAVER Cloud Platform membership, refer to Withdraw from membership for more details.

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