Partner program
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Partner program

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Available in Classic and VPC

Partners are closely associated with NAVER Cloud and serve as sales and technical support for NAVER Cloud Platform's various services to customers. NAVER Cloud supports partners with diverse business know-how to achieve meaningful growth based on cloud technology.

Partner program content

The content provided in the partner program are as follows.

  • Partner overview: Introduction to NAVER Cloud Platform partnership's concepts and advantages
  • Partner type: Introduction of 3 partner types classified by service provided to customers and its purpose, refer to Partner type for more details
    • Service partner: A partner who sells a NAVER Cloud Platform service or provides technical support required
    • Solution partner: A partner who provides software solutions or SaaS services that operate within NAVER Cloud Platform
    • Competency partner: A partner who has expertise of a NAVER Cloud Platform solution having gone through consulting and training courses, and has proven their ability and technological skills by establishing successful client cases
  • Partner benefits: A variety of benefits and support provided to NAVER Cloud Platform partners
  • Partner registration procedure: How to register as a NAVER Cloud Platform partner (join the partner program)

How to join the partner program

You can propose individual or business partnership in a win-win relationship with NAVER Cloud. If you register a proposal and company information, NAVER Cloud, NAVER, and NAVER I&S will review them for 5 business days and notify the result via email. You can propose a partnership with NAVER Cloud Platform as follows.


Proposed content and related materials will be used only for reviewing the proposal. If it results in no partnership, the materials will be destroyed immediately.

  1. Access to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
  2. Click the Partner menu at the top center of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal page and click Partner program.
  3. Click [Join the partner program] button.
  4. Click the [Register partnership proposal] tab menu.
  5. On the Register partnership proposal window, enter the required content in 1. Partnership proposal.
  • Partnership classification: Select a partner type to propose
  • Title: Enter the title of the partnership proposal
  • Content: Enter the background, details, and expected effects for the proposal
  • Attach proposal: Attach a proposal file in the format of .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .hwp, .gul, .gif, .jpg, .png, .zip, or .txt. The file should be 20 MB or smaller.
  1. After filling in the partnership proposal content, enter the required content in 2. Information of the company proposing the partnership.
  • Classification: Select a company type to propose partnership from among public institution, corporation, individual, and others

A public institution is an institution established/operated with investment, financing, or financial support from the government.

  • Company (Institution) name: Name of the company that proposes the partnership
  • Proposer name: Name of the proposer that proposes the partnership
  • Phone number: Contact number to receive feedback regarding the partnership proposal
  • Email address: Email address to receive feedback regarding the partnership proposal or view the result of the proposal
  • Company profile: Attach introduction material for the proposing company in a file with an extension of .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .hwp, .gul, .gif, .jpg, .png, .zip, or .txt. The file should be 20 MB or smaller.
  • Website address: Website address of the company that proposes the partnership
  • Fax number: Fax number of the company that proposes the partnership
  1. After filling in the proposing company details, read 3. Collection and use of personal information and mark the checkbox for I agree to the collection and use of my personal information.
  2. Please mark the checkbox for 4. I have read and understand all notes and instructions.
  3. Click the [Propose] button.

You can click [Contact us] button to make partnership-related inquiries in the partner introduction page.

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