Partner portal
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Partner portal

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Available in Classic and VPC

For partners whose partnership proposals have been approved and contract signed, NAVER Cloud Platform runs a separate partner portal ([]({target="_blank"}). Partners can manage their customers effectively in the partner portal. We're also providing various kinds of support to continuously create the best collaboration synergy using the communication channel with NAVER Cloud Platform.

Partner portal service

Services provided by the partner portal are as follows.

Service Explanation
Home Go to Home page
Status Check partner account information, partner grade, credits owned and usage history, technical score
Program Introduction to various partner support programs from NAVER Cloud Platform
Training Information on technical certifications and online training course for each service
Marketing Check publicity videos and materials required for marketing, download templates and branding images
Customer View the trend of partners' monthly customer status, customer details and service usage status, invite customers
Billing View the trend of partners' monthly billing status, view details of billed sales per customer and profit and loss details such as commission and incentives related to NAVER Cloud, start customer promotion (optional)
Notice Check various news, information, and training events for partners from NAVER Cloud Platform
Document Check a variety of technical materials and usage guides for reference
Support Make inquiries about NAVER Cloud Platform's pricing, services, technologies, sales, and data, view the status of existing inquiries

Partner portal page

The basics of using the partner portal are as follows.


① Header: Services provided by the partner portal
② Languages: Select the default language for the portal among Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified)
③ Account: Checks or manages information regarding the partner account
④ TECH-IN: Go to the website of technical support management tools for partners
⑤ My benefits: View partner grade, partner benefit usage status and remaining benefits
⑥ Customer status: Check the number of partner customers and customer service usage status
⑦ Notice: Check various news, information, and training events for partners from NAVER Cloud Platform


For detailed instructions to use the partner portal, please download the partner portal usage guide in PDF from the Document menu in the partner portal.


For description and detailed instructions to use TECH-IN, refer to the Partner technical support page.

Partner portal login

You can log in to the partner portal with the account information that you entered when signing up for NAVER Cloud Platform as follows. You don't need to sign up separately as a partner member. You can log in to the partner portal as follows.

  1. Access to the partner portal.
  2. When the login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log in] button.
  3. Use the service you need.

If you have forgotten your ID or password, click Find ID or Find password from NAVER Cloud Platform login page.

Partner's customer management process

The partners of NAVER Cloud Platform can manage their registered customers. Partners can register their customers after signing the partnership contract with NAVER Cloud Platform. They can register their customers via invitation emails.

  • If the partner's customer is not a NAVER Cloud Platform member: Sign up as a member via the sign-up URL within the email ( and automatically complete partner registration
  • Partner's customer is a NAVER Cloud Platform member: Register the partner through clicking the partner registration URL within the email

Once a relationship is built between the partner and the customer, the customer's service fee is charged to the partner. Then, the partner directly performs the billing and settlement for the partner's customer. NAVER Cloud Platform continues to support the partner's customer management and operations through the partner portal and customer support until the contract is terminated.

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