Partner technical support
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    Partner technical support

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    For partners whose partnership proposals have been approved and signed, NAVER Cloud Platform is operating TECH-IN (, a separate technical support site for partner engineers. TECH-IN supports various features such as service information and monitoring in order to facilitate the provision of effective technical support to the partner's customers.

    TECH-IN service

    TECH-IN provides the following services.

    HomeCheck the partner company's full list of customers in the Members section, and the list of customers added to Favorites in the Favorite member section
    FavoritesCheck the details and configure related settings for customers added to Favorites among all other customers
    Recently ViewedCheck the list of customers viewed recently
    Event LogCheck the occurrence history of NAVER Cloud Platform events

    TECH-IN page

    The basics of using TECH-IN are as follows.


    ① Header: view the Favorites and Recently viewed menus by customer

    • Member info: customer information
    • Q&A: history of inquiries that the customer agreed to provide to the partner
    • Products: services being used by customers (only applicable for some services)
    • Resource monitoring: monitoring information about the services being used by customers (only applicable for some services)

    ② Shortcut link: shortcut link to console features by service

    ③ Favorite members: view a list of up to 15 customers added to Favorites among all customers

    ④ Members: view the partner's full list of customers

    ⑤ Technical data: go to Document of the partner portal

    ⑥ Help: go to Support of the partner portal


    The basics of using Members on TECH-IN are as follows.


    ① Group Management: manage customer lists by group

    ② Move to Group: go to another group

    ③ Group: view customers who belong to a specific group

    ④ Favorite status: view customers who have or have not been added to Favorites

    ⑤ Name/Member No.: search customers with member name or number

    • Members with different domains can't be added to Favorites for security reasons. (For example, if a private partner's member domain is finance, they can't be added to Favorites on a private TECH-IN.)
    • Customer information is displayed on the partner portal when the customer receives an invitation email and signs up on the portal, or when the registration is completed. (If the partner is being changed, then this will be processed in the month following the date of change.)


    The basics of using Q&A on TECH-IN are as follows.


    ① Tab menu: check the list of customer inquiries regarding service or failure that the customer agreed to provide to the partner

    ② Select sub account: check the history of inquiries submitted by the customer's sub account on the portal

    ③ Select category: search service and failure inquiries


    The basics of using Products on TECH-IN are as follows.


    ① Tab menu: check the status of Server, Bare Metal, LB, Storage (Object Storage, Archive Storage), NAS, CDN, GCDN and Database (CDB for MySQL, Redis, MSSQL) used by customers

    ② Monitoring: go to Resource monitoring

    Resource Monitoring

    The basics of using TECH-IN's Resource Monitoring are as follows.


    ① View all: check the graphs for selected instances

    ② View individually: check the graph for each instance

    Event Log

    This page is displayed to the partners by NAVER Cloud Platform when an event occurs. If a partner customer is affected by the event, this page is displayed to that partner.

    TECH-IN log in

    In TECH-IN, when you enter the URL on the web browser, the login screen appears. You can log in to with the account information you've entered when signing up for NAVER Cloud Platform. The following describes how to log in to the TECH-IN.

    1. Enter the URL on a web browser and access to TECH-IN.
    2. When the Login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log-in] button.
    3. Use the service you need.

    After connecting to the partner portal, you can click the [TECH-IN] button located at the upper right corner of the page to access TECH-IN.

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