Pricing overview
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    Pricing overview

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    To help customers operate their business flexibly in different situations, NAVER Cloud Platform is operating practical service configuration on an hourly usage-based price plan. We are providing a wide range of support for customers to optimize the service and contract conditions available to the user. Experience the best cloud services with NAVER Cloud Platform's reasonable pricing systems.
    The pricing section explains the billing standards and methods for charges incurred for using NAVER Cloud Platform's services or solutions.


    If you have questions related to pricing that are not answered in this user guide, please refer to the portal's FAQ page.

    Pricing introduction content

    The contents provided at Pricing introduction are as follows.

    • Reasonable pricing system for users: Introduces features and advantages of NAVER Cloud Platform's pricing system
    • Provided service by region: Introduces services and pricing plans by server location. Refer to Pricing plan by region for more details
    • How to view bills and payment method: Introduces how to view and pay for the bills
      • View service usage fees
      • How to register automatic payment method
      • Financial companies that support automatic payment
    • Estimate service fees: Introduces how to use pricing calculator to estimate service fees
    • New membership benefits: Introduces credits which help use services more economically

    Pricing standards

    NAVER Cloud Platform charges each service based on various criteria such as usage time, usage, and the number of uses. Since the initial implementation cost does not exist separately, and the basic principle is to pay for the monthly usage, anyone can easily design the most economical and reasonable solution using the fee calculator. After using it as needed, you may return it free of charge.


    The metric and billing for all service pricing on NAVER Cloud Platform are based on KRW.

    Billing standards

    This section describes the billing standards and methods for charges incurred for using NAVER Cloud Platform's services or solutions. Fees are charged based on the usage from the first to the last day of each month. The invoice for the calculated usage fee will be notified on the 3rd of next month, respectively, via email and SMS to the email address and phone number(or the designated guide address for usage fee and mobile phone number) entered when signing up. After notifying, the payment will be made automatically through the pre-registered payment method from the 10th to the 14th of the same month.


    The paid services will incur usage fees from the moment of creation even if you haven't actually used it. If you do not want to be charged, you have to cancel or terminate it directly from the console. Please note that the amount charged for not terminating can't be refunded.

    • The calculation of the period from the 1st to the last day of each month is based on the Korean standard time zone (UTC +9).
    • NAVER Cloud Platform bills in GiB, while service pages and pricing announcements on the NAVER Cloud website use GB.

    How to calculate your estimated bills

    If you would like to know the pricing in different currencies depending on exchange rates, you can use the pricing calculator to estimate the expected amount of your bill. You can use the pricing calculator by clicking on the portal's Pricing > Pricing calculator menu, or through the floating menu at the lower right of the portal page.


    For more information about the pricing calculator, see Pricing calculator.

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