Pricing calculator
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    Pricing calculator

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    Fee calculator helps you design available services and contract conditions that fit your needs through virtual modeling before implementing a solution. This allows users to make reasonable decisions about using NAVER Cloud Platform's services. Pricing calculator is useful to both NAVER Cloud Platform's users, as well as users who want to reconfigure and scale. As it is so intuitive and straightforward to use, anyone can use it easily and quickly, even if they are unfamiliar with NAVER Cloud Platform's services.


    The amount calculated with the pricing calculator excludes VAT. It may differ from the actual settlement amount, so please use it only as a reference.

    How to use pricing calculator

    You can use the fee calculator as follows.

    1. Connect to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    2. Click Pricing > Pricing calculator at the top center of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal page.
    3. On the pricing calculator page, select the desired region and exchange rate.
    4. Select the service to calculate the estimated amount and set the details.
    5. Please check the estimated amount calculated based on one month, then click the [+] button.
    6. Select the period of usage among 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. Then, check the estimated total amount. When choosing a currency, it is displayed after applying the current month's exchange rate.
    7. Check the calculation result and click the item you need.
    • Share the calculation result as a link: Click the [Link] button
    • Print the calculation result: Click the [Print] button
    • Save the calculation result as an Excel file in a local PC: Click the [Save] button
    • To send the calculation result via email: Click the [Email] button
    • To edit the calculation result: Click the [Edit] button
    • To edit the calculation result: Click the [Delete] button

    You can go to Pricing calculator page more quickly by clicking Pricing calculator on the floating menu at the right side of the portal page.

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