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    Article Summary

    Available in Classic and VPC

    You can view varieties of information such as news related to services and solutions provided by NAVER Cloud Platform, quick responses to customers, and information related to NAVER Cloud Platform's technology and cloud market understanding including different use cases and security-related information.

    Introduction contents

    The contents provided at Introduction are as follows.

    • Service introduction: Provides NAVER Cloud's vision, technology, customers, global regions, multi zones, summary of certifications, and company profile/BI downloads
    • Service news: News related to new releases or updates regarding services and solutions
    • Reference architecture: Various service use cases with a service composition suitable for business
    • Client case: Successful client cases of companies using our services and solutions
    • Trend: Latest information related to cloud services (news, use cases, videos, etc.) Instruction
    • Official blog: Go to NAVER Cloud Platform official blog (https://blog.naver.com/n_cloudplatform)
    • Data center: Virtual tour and information on NAVER Cloud Platform's data center
    • Security Center: Guidance on security and information protection required for safe use of cloud services

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