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    Available in Classic and VPC

    NAVER Cloud Platform is providing various services to help its customers build an excellent cloud environment that can effectively address the business challenges they encounter. However, designing an agile and innovative cloud environment by properly selecting these services to meet complex requirements is not a simple process. It requires know-how accumulated for a long time and deep consideration.
    NAVER Cloud Platform aims to be the best facilitator to solve its customers' business concerns by organizing solutions that meet business requirements in various areas, beyond recognizing the requirements of these customers and providing products as services.

    Solution Area

    The following describes how to check the solution areas provided by NAVER Cloud Platform and start using them.

    1. Connect to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    2. Click Login at the upper right of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    3. When the Login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log-in] button.
    4. Select the Solutions menu at the top center and click the Solution area menu.
    5. On the solutions page, check Featured, By industry, By type solution introductions and click [Get started] at the top center of the screen.
    6. Click a solution to use from the console's Solutions menu.
    7. Request subscription to the solution.

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