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    You can check verified solutions with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and apply for use.


    Marketplace has solutions for various business areas to meet the diverse and complex customer requirements. Solve your business challenges using proven solutions with NAVER Cloud Platform.
    You can search and request subscription for solutions in Marketplace as follows.

    1. Connect to the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    2. Click Login at the upper right of the NAVER Cloud Platform portal.
    3. When the Login screen appears, enter your ID and password, then click the [Log-in] button.
    4. Select the Solutions menu at the top center and click the Marketplace menu.
    5. On the Marketplace page, select the Software type and Detailed category, or search the desired solution using the search field.
    6. Click the desired solution.
    7. On the Solutions page, check the information such as solution overview, product details, pricing, and technical support, then click the [Request subscription] button.
    8. On the Information on requesting subscription to a solution window, agree to the terms and conditions, enter other requests/inquiries, and click the [Request] button.
    9. On the Information on requesting subscription to a solution window, click the [OK] button.
    • The application result will be sent within 5 days on average by the person in charge. You can check the application details in My Page > Solution usage status.
    • Trials are available for most solutions before you decide to purchase. Request to use a trial version of a solution you want in Customer support FAQ > Contact us.
    • Pricing calculator is not supported for solutions as the pricing standards are complicated. If you would like to get an accurate estimate, please enter the conditions of the desired solution in Customer support∙FAQ > Contact us and ask for an estimate.

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