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Available in Classic and VPC

NAVER Cloud Platform provides different support programs, related resources, and training for our customers to be able to use a variety of services and solutions. Furthermore, we run various troubleshooting channels for when the users encounter problems they can't solve themselves while using NAVER Cloud Platform's portal and console. This allows users to make direct inquiries or get easy and effective solutions from us.

Support·FAQ content

The content provided in Support·FAQ are as follows.

  • Sharing information
    • Notices: Notifications related to NAVER Cloud Platform services and maintenance works
    • Security center: Security notifications and related guides, white papers, information on security architectures for safely using the cloud service
  • Related to inquiries/requests
    • FAQ: Frequently asked user questions and answers on membership, services, pricing, solutions, training/technical certifications, failures, etc.
    • Contact us: Make inquiries regarding membership, services, pricing, sales, solutions, training and technical certifications, or failures to our Support
    • My inquiries: Check the answers to your inquiries submitted to Contact us
    • Report center: Report procedure and how to report the copyright infringement and harmful postings
  • Related to support
    • Library: Download subscription request forms for different services, member management data documents, free Windows OS antivirus software, and its reinstallation guide
    • Support programs: Introduction and application for various development/support programs for small and medium businesses, startups, faculties and students, etc. For more details, refer to Support programs
  • Partners related
    • Partnership inquiry: Apply to join the partner program. For more details, refer to Partner program
  • Education related
    • Apply for training and events: View information of offline training by curriculum and apply to participate
    • Technical certification: View information on NAVER Cloud Platform technical certifications and apply for tests
    • Education portal: Website dedicated to education related materials where you can view NAVER Cloud Platform's education curricula by level and information on technical certifications, apply for tests, or make inquiries. For more details, refer to Education portal
  • The answers to most questions from users can be found in the FAQ. Please check the content of the Support∙FAQ > FAQ before making inquiries via email or phone to solve your problems more quickly and easily.
  • You can also use Ncloud bot from the floating menu at the right side of the portal page if you'd like to get an online consultation about membership, pricing, service recommendations, client cases, solutions, training and events with NAVER Cloud Platform's chatbot technology.
  • If your problem is still not solved with all above and you'd like to make an inquiry by phone, please call us at Support (1544-5876).

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