Basic Settings
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Basic Settings

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If you request WORKPLACE services, WORKPLACE Developers is provided together as a developer tool. Admins of NAVER Cloud Platform can use WORKPLACE Developers to access WORKPLACE data and control functions or conveniently manage corporate information in a system by linking the existing corporate information system to WORKPLACE. You can link Developers to the company's SSO page or link the organization and employee information of legacy to minimize bimodal management.


Please check the FAQs.

Q. Can anyone use WORKPLACE Developers?

  • All companies that use WORKPLACE can use Developers.

Q. Can all admins of a company access WORKPLACE Developers?

  • The admin who can access Developers is the one who requested WORKPLACE. If there is another person in charge who needs to access the Developers menu for additional development works, you can add an admin by issuing a NAVER Cloud Platform Sub Account. When issuing the account, set the access type as Console Access and the policy name as WORKPLACE admin (NCP_WORKPLACE_MANAGER). For more details, refer to Sub Account Guide.

API Linkage Key

WORKPLACE Developers provides APIs that can access and control WORKPLACE data.
The following shows how to check the API linkage key required for API linkage.

  1. From the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > Business Applications > WORKPLACE menus, in that order.
  2. Click the Developers menu.
    • If the notification pop-up window appears, check details in the pop-up window and click the [Close] button.
  3. Click Basic Settings.
  4. Check the linkage key and logout URL.
    • Click the [Copy] button to copy the linkage key or logout URL displayed in the screen.
    • When you log out from the company's corporate information system, you will also be logged out from WORKPLACE.

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