Editing my information
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Editing my information

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Available in Classic


You can change your information or password, set notification items, and set WORKPLACE user environment.
Joining/retiring employees can complete their assigned checklist. You can sign pledges requested by the company.

Edit My Information and Settings

Click the [Disclose] icon at the upper right corner (next to the profile photo) in My Board. Click the My Information menu.

Edit My Information

View and edit registered my information. Click the My Information menu on the left menu.


The [Basic Information] and [Additional Information] tabs are provided. If there are external solutions liked by the company, then the [Linked Information] tab is also displayed.

Basic Information:

  • If you tap the photo image, then you can change or delete the profile photo.
  • Among My Information items, you can't change the name, login ID, department, job title and position, and Reports To.
  • The nickname is convenient when distinguishing from a user with a same name.
  • Edited content is reflected to your HR information.
  • Depending on the HR information items set by the company, the items editable by users will differ.
  • If the item is set as "User Editable" by the Member admin, then the users can edit the item.

Additional Information:

  • If the item is set as "User Editable" by the Member admin, then the users can edit the item.
  • Edited content is reflected to the employee HR card in the Member > Manage Employees menu.

Linked Information:

If the company has enabled part-timers, then see Edit My Information of Manage Part-timer for the My Information page of the part-time employees.


When joining or retiring, required checklists are assigned according to the company regulations. You can view checklists assigned to you, and complete them before the due date. This menu is displayed when there are checklists assigned to you.

When a checklist is assigned to you, a notification email is sent to the email address registered on the employee information.

① You can click the [Go to Checklist Button] button from the assignment notification email, or click the Checklist menu from the left menu of My Information page.


② This is your joining/retirement checklist.

  • You can select the view type (card type/list type).
  • You can select to include completed checklists in your view.

③ Due dates and status of each checklist is displayed.

  • Completed: Checklist completed within the due date.
  • In Progress: Checklist not yet completed but not past the due date.
  • Pending: Checklist for which a priority checklist has been set by the admin. This checklist can be executed after completing the priority checklist.
  • Delayed: Checklist past due date and not executable. Inquire Member admin regarding extension of due date.

④ If an unexecuted priority checklist is set for this checklist, then the priority mark is displayed.

  • You can tap the ? icon to view the priority checklist.
  • You can execute this checklist after completing the priority checklist.

⑤ If there are comments, then the number of comments is displayed with an icon.

  • Joining/retiring employees, handlers, and admins can all register comments. If the joining/retiring employee has questions regarding the checklist process, then they can ask the task manager or the department head through comments.
  • When you register a comment, an email notification is sent to the checklist admin and handler, and they can view the comment.

Complete Checklist

List type: Checkboxes are displayed on checklists in progress. You can review checklists to complete and tap the [Complete] button, or tap the [Complete] button in the details page to complete them.

Card type: The [Complete] button will be displayed next to checklist cards in progress. You can complete them by tapping the button or from the details page.

Go to the checklist details page.

  • Name of Joining/Retiring Employee: Tap the name to view your information.

  • Handler: The handler of the checklist. They can be joining/retiring employee, task manager, or department head depending on admin's configuration, and their category and name are displayed.

  • Due Date: The due date for the checklist. Complete it within the due date. Once the due date has passed, the [Complete] button is no longer displayed.

  • Link: Displayed when there is a configured link.

  • HR Information: If the admin has set to provide the "My Information" link, then you can see the [Go to HR Card] button. You can tap the button to go to the Edit My Information page.

  • Pledge: If there is a pledge set by the admin, then the [Go to Pledge] button is displayed. You can tap the button to check the pledge form.

  • Go to create form: If there is an approval form set by the admin, then the [Go to Create Form] button is displayed. You can tap the button to go to the create form page.

  • Attachments: If the admin has registered attachments, then you can download and view them.

  • Status: If the status is "In Progress," you can click the [Complete] button at the bottom to complete the checklist. If the status is "Delayed" or "Completed," you can only view the content.

  • Priority Checklist: This item is displayed when the admin has set a priority checklist.

    • You can execute this checklist after completing the priority checklist first.
  • Handling History: You can view the assignment, edit, reminder request, or completion history of the checklist.

  • Comment: You can click the [Comment] button to view comments of the checklist admin or handler (task manager/department head).

    • You can register comments related to the execution of the checklist. You can delete the comment you registered.

Change Password

Enter the new password to change the password.
For safe use, we recommend that you change your password every three months.


Set Notifications

WORKPLACE provides notifications for events that occur during document approval. The common notifications follow the company admin settings, which are applied to all employees.

When the company uses the Post service, notifications are provided for changes (edit/deletion) of the post you created, left comments on, and saved. You can set the list of notifications you will receive.


  • The notifications are provided in forms of the "My Board > Notifications" card, "This Week's Notification History" card count, WORKPLACE mobile app push, and email. If there are external solutions linked by the company (NAVER WORKS, Kakao Talk, LINE, Google Chat, or Slack), then notification messages can be provided through the linkage.
  • The notification items and channels set by the company admin can't be disabled by the employee. If you want additional notifications for the items not selected by the admin, then you can select them individually. Add the notification channel and click the [Save] button. Notifications added by the user are only sent to that user.
  • Notification related to Post service: Individual employee can directly configure the notification from the Post service via mobile app push and email. No notifications will be sent for deselected items.


Set the language and the time zone.



  • Select the display language you want to use.
  • WORKPLACE provides 5 languages, and you can freely select the language you want to use.
  • You can also change the language from the login page.

Time zone:

  • The time zone set by the admin are shown as default settings.
  • You can select the time zone of your location when you're away on business trips or working abroad.
  • If the time zone set by the company admin and the personal time zone differs, then the company's time zone will be displayed on the pages of Compose Document, View Documents, and admin's View Document History.


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