Creating workflow documents
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Creating workflow documents

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Before Use

Q. I need to request leave, but it is difficult to access WORKPLACE.

  • Absence requests can be dealt with by Member manager in WORKPLACE. If you are having difficulty in filling out an absence leave, ask your Member manager.

Q. I have a problem with the saved workflow and want to cancel the document.

  • Depending on the progress status, the method for canceling the document will be different. If you have [Retrieve] button in a saved document, you can cancel it yourself. The retrieved documents are stored in a temporary storage box by form. If the document has been processed, you will need to contact each administrator for cancellation. See Cancel Document for details.

Q. I am writing a document, but I cannot find the required items such as a leave type.

  • Detailed items provided in Forms such as attendance type, family event type, supporting document type, etc. are offered according to the value set by member administrator. You can contact member administrator for absence schedules and certificates, and accounting administrator for expenses used. Please use 'Help' at the bottom of the screen for your convenience.

Q. Can I edit an ongoing document?

  • You can modify an ongoing document if the administrator has allowed modifying for each form. At the time of document handling, the handling person may modify part of the document but not after it has been agreed. Modified items can be found on the Search Documents 'Change History' screen.


It describes how to create and cancel workflow documents in WORKPLACE according to the workflow process.


  • From Write in ‘MY BOARD’, select a workflow form and create a document. To help you understand the writing process, we provide you with a detailed description of how to create your holidays, family events, business trips, expenses used. Please refer to
  • The required target to process the document is provided by the workflow administrator by default. The default target cannot be deleted. The document creator and processor can add a person to process and change the processing order.
  • As an approver, you can edit part of the document when approving it. Whether you can edit documents, Modify Document in Form Management, can be set for each form by the administrator. You can see Change History of the document for the edited items. For more information, refer to Workflow > Form Management.
  • Sharing settings are freely editable by both the document creator and the approver, and depending on the administrator’s settings, a document can be shared to the specified members when it is in progress or completed.
  • Documents in progress can be canceled until consent is received. If any of the processors has finished processing or the document has been completed, please refer to 'Cancel Workflow Document' section in Use WORKPLACE > Create Workflow Document Guide.

Create Workflow Document

Step1. Select workflow forms

Click the ["Compose Document"] menu on the left side of screen to select the format you want to create from.

Documents provided by default by WORKPLACE are TIME OFF, WORK PLAN, WORK RESULTS, EXPENSE PLAN, EXPENSE SETTLEMENT and GENERAL. Part of work and expense documents is displayed only when enabled by the administrator. The administrator can create additional documents as needed for your company. Select a document to compose.

Select a document to compose.


If a formatting shortcut card is set in My Board, select the format you want to create. Forms shortcuts can be customized on the Home screen by frequently used forms. Please check About ‘MY BOARD’ for how to set it up.



  • General: It is a form used for general requests other than absences and expenses used.(e.g. Equipment requests, business-related requests)
  • Time off: It is a form that handles all absences such as holidays, family events, business trips, and working outside the office and from home.
  • Expenses Plan: It is a form of requesting and processing expenses used.
  • Expenses Settlement: It's a form to apply for expense that spend on business. You can settle your expense in a variety of ways including corporation card, personal card or cash. If you are working with a card company, you can quickly settle your account with approved card details. If the expense plan is created, you can apply for settlement based on the plan document information.
  • Work Plan: If you need to work on a legal or agreed holiday, or work overtime, use this form to add your work plan in advance. You can request WORK RESULTS only for the date for which you added a work plan.
  • Work Results: If you apply for a change of commute record or work on an overtime or a holiday on a work day, the overtime work will be regarded as working time. Even if the person to be treated is 'consenting', the document status will be reflected in the work status when the document is saved, and the refusal will be canceled.

Step2. Write contents

Go to the creation screen of the selected form and write contents.



  • Attach File : If you need to attach related files when creating a document, attach them. You can attach files by dragging and dropping them with the mouse.
  • Attach Related Documents : When you create a document, you can find relevant documents among all the documents related to the author and attach them to help the approval process the document.
    • Click Find [Related Document] button.
    • Select related document from pup-up.
      • Select a document from the ‘Closed Document’ or ‘Imported Document’ tabs.
      • View the search feature description in the document box for the Search Feature for 'Closed Document.'
      • Attaching an associated document gives the approver of the document that is currently being prepared the ability to view the associated document, allowing the approver to reference the content when processing.
    • If you attach an associated document, the approver of the document you are currently creating will be given the right to view the associated document so that you can refer to it in the process.
  • Description Area: The description is displayed, such as notes about writing documents, and is set by the workflow administrator. Check out the Manage Description guide for more information.

Step3. Select a person to process


① Click [Show].

② You can see approvers set by the administrator, which you cannot edit.

  • If the approval line is set by Department, Job Title, or Job Position, you must select at least one employee from the specified department, job title or job position. Select one and click [Confirm].


  • If the approval line is set as N-level Reports To by the administrator, you must select at least one.


Edit: To add a person to process, click [Edit].

Add: Enter an employee name to search for and select a person to process. It will be added to the list of people to process.

⑤ Select an approval type for the added approver. Approval types are Approve, Auto approve and Agreement, which may differ for each form depending on the administrator’s settings. For more information, refer to Workflow Preferences > Manage Name.

  • Approve (which can also be displayed as “General Approval” or “General”): It is a type of approval workflow in which approvers choose whether to approve the document.
  • Auto approve (which can also be displayed as “Reference Approval,” “Reference” or “Notification”): It is a type of approval workflow in which the document is automatically approved.
    • If it is handled as a self-consent, it remains with the person to be dealt with, but you do not have to agree otherwise.
    • Employees who have been automatically signed will be notified that they have been automatically accepted.
    • Automatic consent is the same as 'reference settlement' of general settlement service, and can be used when there is consent (Approval) but not on the approval line.
  • Agreement (which can also be displayed as “Agreement Approval” or “Cooperation”): Similar to “Approve,” it is a type of approval workflow that needs external approvers in addition to internal ones to choose whether to approve the document.

Delete: To remove a person from the processor, use [x] next to the name of the person you want to exclude from the processor list.

Reorder: To change the processing order, select the person whose order you want to change from the processor list and use the arrow button to edit the order.

⑧ Click [Confirm] to save.

Step4. Set sharing


① Click [Show].

② The current sharing settings will appear.

  • When to set sharing options may differ for each document. Sharees can view or add comments to shared documents even in progress depending on sharing settings. For more information, refer to Workflow > Sharing Settings.

③ Select a sharing value. (Share to All / Share to Selected)

  • Sharing settings for a document can be changed by approvers when the document is in progress. Once the document is completed, sharing settings cannot be changed. The shared value set by the final processor for the document is shared.
  • If you don’t have anyone to share with, select Share to Selected and save without adding anyone.

④ When selecting Share Part, the search window for selecting a person to share is activated.

  • You can search for and select employees or departments to share with.
  • If you select a department, members of the department are added to the share list.
  • If you want to recursively include sub departments of the selected department, select Include sub-organization to add all members of sub departments to the share list.
  • A notification is created in MY BOARD > WEEKLY NOTIFICATION of the person to share with.
  • You cannot change the sharing settings of documents completed, but you can add a sharer for Share Part.

Step5. Save

When you have finished writing and setting up all items, click Save button.


  • Press the Temporary Save button to keep up to 10 temporary storage documents.
  • The people and sharing settings to process the document in the temporary storage are saved as the user information at the time of temporary saving.
  • A confirmation page is provided before saving. You can see once again who is behind the author or payee, and who gets shared once the document is complete.

Step6. Documents in progress


① You can view documents in progress in DOCUMENTS > ONGOING.

② The processing status is divided into Sched/To Do/Done.

  • Sched: You are included among the persons to process this document but you are on the waiting list. When your turn has come, it will be changed to ‘To do’. Notifications will be created in ‘MY BOARD > TODO’ area.

  • To do: This is the document you need to process. Notifications will be created in ‘MY BOARD > TODO’ area. After processing, the state will be changed to 'Done'.

  • Done: This is the document you have processed. This is the status in which it has been transferred to the next-level processor.

③ The ‘Approval line’ visually displays the processor name and current progress.


Step7. Complete document

When a document is completely processed, a notification will be created in ‘NOTIFICATIONS’ page and a notification mail will be sent.


① In Closed Documents, you can check the processing status(Closed/Declined) of documents.

② When a document is completely processed, a notification will be created in NOTIFICATIONS page and a notification mail will be sent. You can check by clicking the card in Week's Notification in My Board.

③ You can view the remaining number of holidays and share history of absence schedule in MY TIME OFF page.

  • For an absence schedule document that is waiting for its turn, you can change ‘Delegation’ or ‘Absence message’ setting in ‘MY TIME OFF’ page.
  • If there is a schedule for another type of TIME OFF on the same date, the delegation and absence massage will be kept as the latest information.
  • Absent message and delegation setting are registered at the time of document creation.


④ In Expenses plan Status page, you can check the processing status of expense plan.

⑤ In Expenses Settlement Status page, you can check the processing status of expenses used (request/accepted/paid/declined/canceled).

  • Request: It is in progress by the person to process the document.
  • Complete: The document has been processed, and accounting is in the process of reviewing the payment.
  • Decline: The person to process has expressed intention to ‘decline’.

Cancel Document

How to cancel a document varies depending on the workflow progress. Check the progress in 'My board > Ongoing Documents ' and refer to the contextual guide.

  • If each person to process is before processing the document: Open the document and click [Retrieve] to cancel the document. If the person to process has dealt with the document, [Retrieve] button disappears.
    • When documents are retrieved, they are temporarily saved and converted to the Create mode with the document contents. You can reapply after modifying the contents.
    • You can temporarily save up to 10 documents per form, and if the number of saved documents exceeds 10, the oldest documents will be deleted first.
    • Documents with no handling persons are completed immediately, and thus the 'Retrieve' button is not displayed.


  • The document to process: Check who is the current processor in 'Ongoing Documents'. The name is highlighted. Ask the processor to 'decline' the document.

    • If the document has been processed: If you can't find the document in Ongoing documents, then this means that the document has been completed. Check the cancellation method below as per the workflow form.

      • You can make a direct cancellation request or request cancellation to the admin for absence schedule forms. Please check Guide for cancellation of absence schedule by admin.


        • Select the Time off Cancellation form in My board > Compose document
        • Enter the title and select a target document to cancel. Only [completed] documents are displayed.
        • Enter the reason for cancellation.
        • You can click the file attachment icon or drag and drop using the mouse to attach related materials.
        • Click Specify the person in charge to set approvers and scope of sharing.
        • Click [Save] to complete your absence schedule cancellation request.
      • Request document cancellation for "work results" to the work administrator, and "expense settlement" to the expense manager.

You can check the related information through the attached guides below.

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