Portal and console overview
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Portal and console overview

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Available in Classic and VPC

This guide describes how to effectively utilize NAVER Cloud Platform, where you can experience NAVER Cloud's proven IT services. NAVER Cloud Platform allows users to use stable and high-quality cloud services with world-class IT infrastructure and security technology. This usage guide offers instructions primarily about basic things users need to know or might wonder about when they encounter NAVER Cloud Platform portal and console for the first time.

NAVER Cloud Platform complies with the global level of the strong information security systems and various security information certifications for the services provided and information handled. To check NAVER Cloud Platform's security certifications, please refer to the GDPR and Information protection certifications on the portal.

A variety of features provided by the portal and console

The following describes various features provided by the portal and console of NAVER Cloud Platform.

  • Portal: Sign up as a NAVER Cloud Platform member, manage service usage history and bills, go to console/partner portal/education portal
  • Console: Request subscriptions and manage settings for services and solutions provided by NAVER Cloud Platform
  • Partner portal: Manage customers and customer usage status, see shared information required for partners, go to TECH-IN (technical support for partners)
  • Education portal: Information on services and solutions learning content and technical certification provided by NAVER Cloud Platform is shared

About portal and console usage guide

Portal and console usage guide contains following topics for the users to effectively use NAVER Cloud Platform's portal and console. Description of each topic is as follows.

  • Portal and console overview: The portal and console features, the portal and console usage guide, related resources, FAQ
  • Portal: Basic how-to-use guide of NAVER Cloud Platform portal
    • Introduction: Provides various information such as updates, technology information, and adoption cases of NAVER Cloud Platform's services
    • Services: Description and how-to-use guide of NAVER Cloud Platform's services
    • Solutions: Description and how-to-use guide of NAVER Cloud Platform's solutions
    • Pricing: Information on the pricing system, payment, payment methods, and how to resolve unpaid charges issues while using NAVER Cloud Platform's services
    • Support·FAQ: Various channels through which the user can get quick and easy answers to the questions while using NAVER Cloud Platform services and solutions, useful education content, introduction to support programs
    • Partner: How to register as a partner with NAVER Cloud Platform, how to change or cancel the serviced partnership as a signed-up customer, partner portal, technical support for partners
    • Guide center: Content related to concepts and how-to-use guides of NAVER Cloud Platform's services
    • My Page: How to check and manage a variety of services' usage statuses provided by NAVER Cloud Platform.
    • Member: How to sign up as a member from the portal and console, change information after signing up, or withdraw from membership
  • Console: Basic how-to-use guide of the web console where you can use NAVER Cloud Platform services
  • Portal and console release notes: Update history of the portal and console usage guide

NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as usage guides to help customers better understand the portal and console. Take advantage of the following resources if you're using the portal and console.

  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions by users and their answers
  • Contact us: Make a direct inquiry to Support about failures and errors for which the user couldn't find a solution in the usage guides

Please check FAQs first.

You can get your questions answered quickly with the replies in the FAQ before reading the usage guides. If you haven't found the answer to your question in the FAQ below, then search the usage guides for what you would like to know.

Q. I can't log in because I lost my portal ID (or password).
A. You can click Login at the upper right of the portal and find your ID (password). For guidance on detailed usage, please see here.

Q. I want to check the current service usage history or billing history.
A. You can check the service usage history and billing history from My Page in the portal. For guidance on detailed usage, please see here.

Q. What procedures do I have to go through to use NAVER Cloud Platform's services or solutions?
A. First, you have to sign up at the portal. After signing up, you can start trial of a few services from the console for free. If you've registered a payment method after signing up, you can use all NAVER Cloud Platform services in the console. You can request subscription to solutions at the portal's marketplace. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the following.

Q. Is there any program that I can try for free before actually paying for NAVER Cloud Platform's services?
A. When you sign up at NAVER Cloud Platform, we offer a certain amount of free credits you can use as a payment method. With the free credits provided, you can pay for the services to use them. In addition, we also offer services available for free without paying for them. For guidance on detailed usage, please see here.

Q. I didn't pay for it. What should I do?
A. If you have outstanding bills due to unavoidable circumstances, you can pay for it immediately through the portal. If it is not eventually solved, your services might be blocked and resources might be terminated. Please go here for information regarding outstanding payments.

Q. I want to learn about cloud services. Is there any non-contact training content?
A. NAVER Cloud Platform offers online training courses on the services and how to use them run by various specialists. At work, at home, anywhere, anytime, regardless of time and place, you can learn about NAVER Cloud Platform's services. For details about the training content, please go here.

Q. I have an inquiry about the contract or how to use the services outside the normal working hours (Mon to Fri, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM KST).
A. You can get answers from various specialists through different channels open 24 hours, all year round. For various channels where you can ask questions and get the answers, please go here.

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