Create domain
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Create domain

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Available in Classic and VPC

Domain is a base unit of a chatbot service, and one domain must be created per chatbot you want to make.
The following shows how to create a domain.

  1. Access the console in NAVER Cloud Platform.
  2. Click the Services > CLOVA Chatbot > Domain menus, in that order.
  3. Click the [Create domain] button.
  4. Enter the domain information.
Item Description
Domain name Enter a domain name. Up to 100 characters can be entered.
Domain code Enter a domain code. Set it to be a unique value which is not a duplicate of any other chatbot's code
- It's advised to enter it in the form of a namespace (
- Click the [Check] button after entering the domain code to check for duplicates.
Natural language processing Select a language to be provided by the CLOVA Chatbot service
- Available options are Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian
- The selected language's characteristics are reflected in processing and learning natural language.
- The content must be entered in the selected language in "Natural language processing" when entering conversation data to the domain.
Service type Select a service type
- Trial: Allows you to use the domain free of charge for 3 months. 10 builds and 1,000 API calls are provided free of charge each month. 5 trial versions can be created per account.
- Standard: Paid service type where the number of builds and API calls is unlimited. The price plan is suitable for running small-to-medium and large services.
- CLOVA AiCall: A service type for supporting CLOVA AiCall
Save conversations temporarily Select the collection status of the conversation between the chatbot and user in real time. The collected conversations are deleted when the cache expires (cache expiration: about 1 hour).
If a voice environment (CLOVA) is used, then the previous chatbot utterance can be used when you select to save conversation log temporarily.
  1. Click the [Create domain] button when you've entered all the information.
  2. Click the [Run builder] button to run the chatbot builder.

Copy domain

If you have to create a chatbot service whose type is similar to an existing service, then you can use the copy feature to make one easily. Or, if a test is needed due to a large scale update planned for the existing chatbot service, then you can copy the domain and run the test first in the copied domain.
The following shows how to copy a domain.

  1. From the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > CLOVA Chatbot > Domain menus, in that order.
  2. Mark the checkbox of the domain to copy, and then click the [Copy] button.
  3. Create a domain referring to "Create domain."

Delete domain

You can delete domains that are no longer in use. The following shows how to delete a domain.

  1. From the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > CLOVA Chatbot > Domain menus, in that order.
  2. Click the domain to be deleted and click the [Delete] button.

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