Korea Region
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    Korea Region

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    The following guides you through the services provided by each environment in the Korea Region.


    Dependency scope refers to the range of potential impacts when data and resources are created within a service.

    Service nameKR-1 ZoneKR-2 ZoneDependent scopeNote
    Classic environmentVPC environmentClassic environmentVPC environment
    SSD ServerOOOOZone
    GPU ServerOOOOZone
    Bare Metal ServerOOOOZone
    Public IPOOOOZone
    Server ImageOOOOZone
    Block StorageOOOOZone
  • Provides both HDD and SSD types
  • Detachable and attachable
  • SnapshotOOOOZone
    Init ScriptOOOORegion
    Private Subnet (Classic)O-O-Zone
    Network InterfaceOOOOZone
    Auto ScalingOOOOZone
    Cloud FunctionsOOOORegion
  • VPC/Subnet selection required for action in a VPC environment
  • Currently, only the subnets created in the KR-2 zone can be selected
  • Application Server Launcher--O-Zone
    ContainersContainer RegistryOO--Zone
    Ncloud Kubernetes ServiceOOOOZone
    StorageObject StorageOOOORegion
    Archive StorageOOOORegion
    NASOOOOZoneCan also be mounted to servers in other zones
    Load BalancerOOOORegionSupports redundancy between zones
    Global DNSOOOOGlobal
    IPsec VPNOOOOZonePrivate subnet and network interface must be set first
    Global Traffic ManagerOOOOGlobal
    Cloud ConnectOOOORegion
    NAT GatewayO-O-Zone
    DatabaseCloud DB for MySQLOOOOZone
  • Supports high availability during the creation process. If the multi-zone option is selected, then an active master DB is created in a different zone to maintain the availability of the database, even when a zone failure occurs
  • Provides high stability by being configured in an infrastructure that is separated geographically and physically by zone
  • Cloud DB for RedisOOOOZone
    Cloud DB for MSSQLOOOOZone
    Cloud DB for MongoDB-O-OZone
    Cloud DB for PostgreSQL-O-OZone
    Database Migration Service-O-ORegion
    SecuritySecure ZoneO-O-Zone
    App SaferOOOOGlobal
    File SaferOOOOGlobal
    Web Security CheckerOOOOGlobal
    App Security CheckerOOOOGlobal
    System Security CheckerOOOOGlobal
    Basic SecurityOOOORegionProvided to all customers by default
    Security MonitoringOOOORegionManaged service
    Compliance GuideOOOOGlobal
    Key Management ServiceOOOOGlobal
    Certificate ManagerOOOORegion
    Private CAOOOORegion
    Webshell Behavior Detector-O-ORegion
    Cloud Security Watcher-O-ORegion
    AI ServicesAiTEMSOOOORegion
    CLOVA AiCallOOOORegion
    CLOVA ChatbotOOOORegion
    CLOVA DubbingOOOORegion
    CLOVA SpeechOOOORegion
    CLOVA StudioOOOORegion
    CLOVA GreenEyeOOOORegion
    Papago TranslationOOOORegion
    Application ServicesGeoLocationOOOORegionKorea-only service
    Simple & Easy Notification ServiceOOOORegionKorea-only service
    API GatewayOOOOGlobal
    Ncloud Simple RabbitMQOOOORegion
    Cloud Outbound MailerOOOOGlobal
    AI NAVER APICLOVA Speech Recognition (CSR)OOOOGlobal
    CLOVA VoiceOOOOGlobal
    CLOVA SentimentOOOOGlobal
    CLOVA SummaryOOOOGlobal
    Papago Image TranslationOOOOGlobal
    Korean Name RomanizerOOOOGlobal
    Search TrendOOOOGlobal
    Big Data & AnalyticsCloud HadoopOOOOZone
    Cloud SearchOOOORegion
    Search Engine ServiceOOOOZone
    Data Analytics ServiceOOOOGlobal
    Cloud Data Streaming Service-O-OZone
    Data Forest-O-ORegion
    Cloud Data BoxOOOORegion
    HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics-O-ORegion
    Data Catalog-O-ORegion
    Data Box Frame-O-ORegion
    Data Flow-O-ORegion
    Data Query-O-ORegion
    BlockchainBlockchain Service-O-ORegion
    Business ApplicationsWORKBOXOOOOGlobal
    Content DeliveryCDN+(Domestic)OOOORegionKorea-only service
    Global CDNOOOOGlobal
    Global EdgeOOOORegion
    Developer ToolsSourceCommitOOOORegion
    Dgital TwinARC eyeOOOORegion
    Game Report (deprecated)OOOORegion
    Game Chat (deprecated)OOOORegion
    Hybrid & Private CloudHybrid Cloud Hosting--O-Zone
    Neurocloud----RegionProvides dedicated regions for clients
    Internet of ThingsCloud IoT CoreOOOOGlobal
    IoT Device HubOOOORegion
    Management & GovernanceCloud Log AnalyticsOOOOGlobal
    Sub AccountOOOOGlobal
    Web service Monitoring SystemOOOOGlobal
    Effective Log Search & AnalyticsOOOOGlobal
    Network Traffic Monitoring-O-ORegion
    Cloud Activity TracerOOOOGlobal
    Resource ManagerOOOOGlobal
    Cloud Insight (Monitoring)OOOOGlobal
    Pinpoint CloudOOOOGlobal
    Cloud AdvisorOOOORegion
    API WorkflowOOOORegion
    Ncloud Single Sign-OnOOOOGlobal
    MediaImage OptimizerOOOORegion
    Live StationOOOORegion
    VOD StationOOOORegion
    Media Connect CenterOOOORegion
    Video Player EnhancementOOOOGlobal
    One Click Multi DRMOOOORegion
    B2B PRISM Live StudioOOOORegion
    MigrationData TeleporterOOOORegion
    Object MigrationOO--Region

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