How to set preferences
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    How to set preferences

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    The console provides different service pages for each region and platform. Selecting a specific region or platform will only show you the services provided for that region or platform. The following describes how to set region, platform, and zone in the console.
    1. Access the console in NAVER Cloud Platform.
    2. Click Region from the menu on the right side of the console page to select the region you want.
    3. After selecting a region, select the platform environment you want in Platform.
    4. Use the services provided in the selected environment.
      • Zones can only be selected in the Korea region. You can select zones with the following services.
        • Server
        • Public IP
        • Server Image
        • Storage
        • Snapshot
        • Load Balancer

    The region and platform settings when you log in will be the same as your last selection when you last logged out.
    If you use different regions and platforms, then check the region and platform settings after logging in.

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