Cloud Hadoop scenario
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Cloud Hadoop scenario

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It can be used in a VPC environment.

The subscription request for the Cloud Hadoop service is done by creating a Cloud Hadoop cluster from the NAVER Cloud Platform console. Network and firewall settings for cluster node access, and storage settings are also performed on the console. Afterward, you can access the UI of each provided service to analyze various data.

The overall Cloud Hadoop usage scenarios can be described as follows.

  1. Cloud Hadoop creation management: console

  2. VPC, subnet, ACG, and SSL VPN settings: console

  3. Cloud Hadoop use and management: console

    • View cluster information
    • Manage cluster (change number of nodes, change node specifications, reset admin password, backup settings)
    • Manage server access (change authentication key for direct cluster access, manage authentication key)
    • Check the accessible web UI and access rules, and then click the shortcut link to access the web UI
    • Guide page for this stage
  4. Cluster node and web UI access: PC's terminal program, web browser

  5. Web UI usage: PC's terminal program, web browser

  6. External linkage: Linkage with PC's terminal program, web UI, and each service

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