Papago Translation copyright display policy
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Papago Translation copyright display policy

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When using the Papago Text Translation API, the Papago copyright must be displayed somewhere on the translation result screen.
Also, when using the brand's graphic logo, it must contain the link.
The brand guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, and users must comply with the latest brand guidelines.

  • The deletion, distortion, and transformation of any element of the Papago brand and Papago translation trademark that do not follow the given brand guide are not permitted.
  • The design must not be used if that may cause confusion with the Papago trademark or is similar to the Papago service.
  • The Papago brand and Papago translation trademark shall not be used under the following circumstances:
    • Website or user interface that contains adult content, promotes gambling or violence, or sells cigarettes or alcoholic beverages to minors
    • Inappropriate website or user interface that violates current laws
    • Any other cases that damage the Papago brand (by bringing about misunderstandings, infringing others' honor and rights, etc.)
  • By default, the Papago brand graphic logo shall be displayed on the translation result page.
    • Please download and use the brand's graphic logo attached below.
    • The minimum graphic logo size is 11 px.


  • Download brand graphic logo

  • If the graphic logo can't be used, then select and display one from among the following text below: (Use system font or default font)
    • Translated by Papago
    • A Papago translation

If you have any inquiries regarding the Papago brand guideline, then please visit Contact NAVER Cloud.

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