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    Available in Classic and VPC

    You may view the Papago Translation usage and may download the usage as an Excel file.

    Usage page

    To view the Papago Translation usage, in the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click the Services > AI Services > Papago Translation > Usage menus, in that order.
    The usage page is laid out as follows.


    ① Menu nameName of the menu currently being viewed
    ② Basic featuresFeatures displayed upon the initial entry to the Usage menu
  • [Development Guide]: Click to go to the API guide page
  • [Learn more about products]: Click to go to the Papago Translation introduction page
  • [Refresh]: Click to refresh the page
  • ③ Search filterSearch filter for viewing the usage
    DownloadDownload the viewed usage as an Excel file(Refer to View Usage)
    ⑤ Usage graphUsage statistics graph viewed based on the search filter value

    View usage

    The following describes how to view the Papago Translation usage.

    1. In the NAVER Cloud Platform console, click Services > AI Services > Papago Translation menus, in that order.
    2. Click the Usage menu.
    3. Set a search filter value to view the usage.
      • Application: select an application to view the usage
      • API: select the API to view the usage from the APIs registered in the selected application
      • Search period: select the period to view the usage from the drop-down list
        • If you want to directly input for the search period, please select Direct input from the drop-down menu and enter the period.
    4. Click the [Search] button.
      • You may download the total API usage of the application set by the search filter as an Excel file by clicking the [Download] button.

    If there is no Papago Translation usage, when you click the [Search] button, the message with "No data" is displayed on the usage search result page.

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