API Gateway overview
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    API Gateway overview

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    API Gateway is a service that allows easy execution of all tasks related to API (Application Programming Interface) calls. Various management features for stable execution of APIs and a dashboard for viewing the API usage status in real time can be used.

    A variety of features API Gateway offers

    Please see below for detailed descriptions about the variety of features that API Gateway offers.

    • Manage Product

      • Multiple APIs can be grouped to allow management as a product
      • Other users of NAVER Cloud Platform can use products through call domain provision and disclosure settings of each product
      • Identification of user applications or limiting of usage amount is available through the API key for using the product
    • Manage API

      • Define REST API and related resources and methods, and set authentication methods
      • Manage API details and overview defined to allow API users to refer to
      • Operate a single API in different versions through manage stage and version feature
      • Settings including cache usage, throttling policy and IP ACL can be set to stabilize backend service
    • Manage Usage Plan

      • Limit API user usage amount by setting request rate and request quota
    • Manage API keys

      • Issue API keys to use APIs of other users or provided by NAVER Cloud Platform
      • Subscribe to services and check per stage usage amount for each API key
    • API Usage Amount Monitoring

      • Monitor API usage amount the dashboard collected in real time
      • Check performance indicators including hourly/daily/monthly API calls, success rate, and average response time

    About API Gateway guide

    API Gateway provides services in Korea, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Germany regions. The service content is identical in both regions. Please check the following table of contents and their details for smooth use of API Gateway.

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as the guide to help customers better understand API Gateway. If you are a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you are considering adopting API Gateway or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

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