Sub Account overview
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    Sub Account overview

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    Sub Account is a service that provides sub accounts where multiple users can use and manage the same resources.
    If one account is used by multiple people, there is a high risk of security problems as resources are hard to manage as the resources managed by different people are mixed, and the account's password is shared among many people. In addition, if there are multiple people in charge who use and manage NAVER Cloud Platform services with different roles and responsibilities, there are cases where different resource using permissions need to be given to different individuals. You don't have to create multiple NAVER Cloud Platform accounts or share one account with multiple people if you use sub accounts under such circumstances. Multiple users can share and manage the same resources by logging in with sub accounts created by the main account. The same resources are shared and managed which allows more stable service operation. It's also safer as the users can only work within the permission they are allowed.

    A variety of features Sub Account offers

    The following describe a variety of features provided by Sub Account.

    • Convenient web console: You can create and systemically manage sub accounts and groups where sub accounts belong on the web-based console, and grant System Managed or User Created policies easily to sub accounts and groups.
    • Robust security: You can encourage sub account users to change their password regularly through the password expiry feature, and set the IP range that can access the console so that access from unauthorized places is not allowed. In addition, you can use Secure Token Service (STS) to create and use temporary access keys, which lets you control access to resources within NAVER Cloud Platform.
    • Systematic granting of permissions: You can grant permissions by service to sub accounts or groups, and grant partial permissions by resource or task that fit the role of the person with the sub account. Systematic resource management is available by granting the minimum permission required for each person's work.

    Introduction to Sub Account Guide

    Sub Account is being serviced in Korea, U.S., Singapore, Japan, and Germany regions. The services provided in each region are identical. See the following table of contents and content in each section for smooth use of Sub Account.

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides various related resources other than guide to enhance customers' understanding on Sub Account. Make good use of the following resources if you are thinking of adopting Sub Account, or if you are a developer or marketer in need of detailed information for establishing data-related policies.


    Q. How are an account and sub account different?

    • An email address registered to use NAVER Cloud Platform is called "account". An account has the user's personal and payment information, and may use all NAVER Cloud Platform services. We're also calling it "main account" to distinguish it with sub account in this guide.
    • "Sub account" is an account that fulfills a role of assistant which co-uses and manages resources of the (main) account. It can use services within the permissions granted to the sub account. For example, a sub account with the NCP_SERVER_MANAGER permission granted can use all features of Server, and all logs of the sub account's work history can be seen in Cloud Activity Tracer.
    • Fees for other services sub accounts used are billed to the main account which created the sub accounts.

    Q. How do I use Sub Account?

    1. The main account's user creates a sub account in Sub Account.
    2. The main account user gives permissions to the sub account, and set up the access page where the sub account will log in.
    3. The sub account user accesses the sub account login page and logs in with the sub account.
    4. The sub account user uses NAVER Cloud Platform services according to the permissions given to their account.

    Q. What are the typical permissions that can be given to sub accounts?

    • The same access permissions as the main account of NAVER Cloud Platform (accessible to the portal's My Page and all the services on the console)
      If granted with the "NCP_ADMINISTRATOR" policy among the System Managed policies provided by Sub Account, the sub account can access the portal and console in NAVER Cloud Platform as the main account could.

    • Access permission by service within the NAVER Cloud Platform console
      If granted with the "NCP_service name_MANAGER/VIEWER" policy among the System Managed policies provided by Sub Account, the sub account can access that service.

    • Access permission to My Page > Manage usage menu within the NAVER Cloud Platform portal
      If granted with the "NCP_FINANCE_MANAGER" policy among the System Managed policies provided by Sub Account, the sub account can access the service usage history, usage status, promotion history, billing trend menus within the NAVER Cloud Platform portal's My Page.

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