Permission information by service
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    Permission information by service

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    The following describes the minimum permission unit of the entire service that NAVER Cloud Platform provides.

    • Service unit: you can grant the service usage permission. You cannot only give viewing permission or permission on detailed action units.
    • All viewing unit / All change unit: you can give the service usage permission or service viewing permission only. You cannot give permission on detailed action units.
    • Detailed action unit: you can give viewing and changing permissions by detailed action unit. The detailed action units vary for each service. See the authority management page of each service.
    PlatformService nameService codeMinimum permission unit available
    ClassicApplication Server LauncherApplicationServerLauncherService (product) unit
    ClassicAuto ScalingAutoScalingService (product) unit
    ClassicBackupBackupService (product) unit
    ClassicCloud DB for MSSQLCloudDBforMSSQLService (product) unit
    ClassicCloud DB for MySQLCloudDBforMySQLService (product) unit
    ClassicCloud DB for RedisCloudDBforRedisService (product) unit
    ClassicCloud FunctionsCloudFunctionsService (product) unit
    ClassicCloud HadoopCloudHadoopService (product) unit
    ClassicData VisualizationDataVisualizationService (product) unit
    ClassicHybrid Cloud HostingHybridCloudHostingService (product) unit
    ClassicIPsec VPNIPSecVPNService (product) unit
    ClassicNcloud Kubernetes ServiceKubernetesServiceService (product) unit
    ClassicLoad BalancerLoadBalancerService (product) unit
    ClassicMonitoringMonitoringService (product) unit
    ClassicNASNASDetailed action unit
    ClassicNAT GatewayNATGatewayService (product) unit
    ClassicSearch Engine ServiceSearchEngineService (product) unit
    ClassicSecure ZoneSecureZoneService (product) unit
    ClassicSecurity MonitoringSecurityMonitoringDetailed action unit
    ClassicServerServerAll viewing / All changing unit
    ClassicNcloud Simple RabbitMQSimpleRabbitMQServiceService (product) unit
    ClassicSourceDeploySourceDeployDetailed action unit
    ClassicSourcePipelineSourcePipelineDetailed action unit
    ClassicSSL VPNSSLVPNService (product) unit
    Common5G Connect5GConnectDetailed action unit
    CommonAiTEMSAiTEMSDetailed action unit
    CommonAI NAVER APIAINAVERAPIService (product) unit
    CommonAPI GatewayAPIGatewayDetailed action unit
    CommonAPI WorkflowAPIWorkflowDetailed action unit
    CommonApp SaferAppSaferDetailed action unit
    CommonApp Security CheckerAppSecurityCheckerService (product) unit
    CommonARC eyeARCeyeService (product) unit
    CommonArchive StorageArchiveStorageDetailed action unit
    CommonBasic SecurityBasicSecurityService (product) unit
    CommonB2B PRISM Live StudioPrismLiveStudioDetailed action unit
    CommonCDN+ (Domestic)CDNplusService (product) unit
    CommonCertificate ManagerCertificateManagerDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud Activity TracerCloudActivityTracerDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud Data BoxCloudDataBoxDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud Insight (Monitoring)CloudInsightDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud IoT CoreCloudIoTCoreService (product) unit
    CommonCloud Log AnalyticsCloudLogAnalyticsDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud Outbound MailerCloudOutboundMailerDetailed action unit
    CommonCloud SearchCloudSearchDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA AiCallCLOVAAiCallDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA ChatbotChatbotDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA DubbingCLOVADubbingDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA GreenEyeCLOVAGreenEyeDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA OCROCRDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA SpeechCLOVASpeechDetailed action unit
    CommonCLOVA StudioCLOVAStudioDetailed action unit
    CommonCompliance GuideComplianceGuideService (product) unit
    CommonContainer RegistryContainerRegistryAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonData Analytics ServiceDataAnalyticsServiceService (product) unit
    CommonData Box FrameDataBoxFrameDetailed action unit
    CommonData TeleporterDataTeleporterService (product) unit
    CommonDNS (deprecated)DNSService (product) unit
    CommonEffective Log Search & AnalyticsELSADetailed action unit
    CommonFile SaferFileSaferDetailed action unit
    CommonGame ChatGameChatDetailed action unit
    CommonGame ReportGameReportDetailed action unit
    CommonGAMEPOTGAMEPOTDetailed action unit
    CommonGeoLocationGeoLocationService (product) unit
    CommonGlobal CDNGCDNService (product) unit
    CommonGlobal DNSGlobalDNSDetailed action unit
    CommonGlobal EdgeGlobalEdgeService (product) unit
    CommonImage OptimizerImageOptimizerAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonIoT Device HubIoTDeviceHubAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonIoT Video StreamIoTVideoStreamDetailed action unit
    CommonKey Management ServiceKMSDetailed action unit
    CommonLive StationLiveStationDetailed action unit
    CommonMedia Connect CenterMediaConnectCenterDetailed action unit
    CommonNcloud ChatNcloudChatDetailed action unit
    CommonNotification RecipientNotificationRecipientDetailed action unit
    CommonObject MigrationObjectMigrationDetailed action unit
    CommonObject StorageObjectStorageDetailed action unit
    CommonOne Click Multi DRMMultiDRMDetailed action unit
    CommonPapago TranslationPapagoTranslationService (product) unit
    CommonPinpoint CloudPinpointCloudDetailed action unit
    CommonPrivate CAPrivateCADetailed action unit
    CommonResource ManagerResourceManagerDetailed action unit
    CommonSimple & Easy Notification ServiceSENSService (product) unit
    CommonNcloud Single Sign-OnSSODetailed action unit
    CommonSourceBuildSourceBuildDetailed action unit
    CommonSourceCommitSourceCommitDetailed action unit
    CommonSub AccountIAMDetailed action unit
    CommonSystem Security CheckerSystemSecurityCheckerAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonVideo Player EnhancementVideoPlayerEnhancementDetailed action unit
    CommonVOD StationVODStationDetailed action unit
    CommonVOD Transcoder (deprecated)VODTranscoderService (product) unit
    CommonWeb Security CheckerWebSecurityCheckerAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonWeb service Monitoring SystemWMSAll viewing / All changing unit
    CommonWORKBOXWORKBOXService (product) unit
    VPCALIKEALIKEService (product) unit
    VPCAuto ScalingVPCAutoScalingDetailed action unit
    VPCBackupVPCBackupService (product) unit
    VPCBlockchain ServiceBlockchainServiceDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud AdvisorCloudAdvisorDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud ConnectVPCCloudConnectDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud Data Streaming ServiceCloudDataStreamingServiceDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud DB for MongoDBVPCCloudDBforMongoDBDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud DB for MSSQLVPCCloudDBforMSSQLDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud DB for MySQLVPCCloudDBforMySQLDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud DB for PostgreSQLVPCCloudDBforPostgreSQLDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud DB for RedisVPCCloudDBforRedisDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud Security WatcherCloudSecurityWatcherDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud FunctionsVPCCloudFunctionsDetailed action unit
    VPCCloud HadoopVPCCloudHadoopDetailed action unit
    VPCCLOVA NSMLCLOVANSMLService (product) unit
    VPCDatabase Migration SrerviceDatabaseMigrationServiceService (product) unit
    VPCData Box FrameDataBoxFrameDetailed action unit
    VPCData CatalogDataCatalogDetailed action unit
    VPCData ForestDataForestDetailed action unit
    VPCData FlowDataFlowDetailed action unit
    VPCData QueryDataQueryDetailed action unit
    VPCHEaaN Homomorphic AnalyticsHEaaNHomomorphicAnalyticsService (product) unit
    VPCIPsec VPNVPCIPsecVPNDetailed action unit
    VPCNcloud Kubernetes ServiceVPCKubernetesServiceDetailed action unit
    VPCLoad BalancerVPCLoadBalancerDetailed action unit
    VPCNASVPCNASDetailed action unit
    VPCNetwork Traffic MonitoringVPCNetworkTrafficMonitoringService (product) unit
    VPCPacket MirroringVPCPacketMirroringService (product) unit
    VPCRPA ServiceRPAServiceAll viewing / All changing unit
    VPCSearch Engine ServiceVPCSearchEngineDetailed action unit
    VPCSecurity MonitoringVPCSecurityMonitoringDetailed action unit
    VPCServerVPCServerDetailed action unit
    VPCNcloud Simple RabbitMQVPCSimpleRabbitMQServiceDetailed action unit
    VPCSourceBandSourceBandDetailed action unit
    VPCSourceDeployVPCSourceDeployDetailed action unit
    VPCSourcePipelineVPCSourcePipelineDetailed action unit
    VPCSSL VPNVPCSSLVPNDetailed action unit
    VPCVPCVPCDetailed action unit
    VPCWebShell Behavior DetectorWebshellBehaviorDetectorDetailed action unit

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