GAMEPOT overview
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GAMEPOT overview

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Available in Classic and VPC

GAMEPOT is a cloud service that integrates and provides features required to develop, service, and operate games. Through GAMEPOT, you can easily implement game development infrastructure to save time and expenses, and fully focus on game development.

A variety of features GAMEPOT offers

Please see below for detailed descriptions about the variety of features this service offers.

  • Dashboard: You can easily use various features required for service and operation of the game, such as service statistics, member management, payment, store management, and updates, in the dashboard page. Customers using the GAMEPOT are all provided with different access domains and dashboard systems, so sensitive data is safely protected.
  • SDK for each operating system: The SDK (Software Development Kit) required for game development is provided for each operating system. After downloading SDK from the dashboard page, you can implement game development infrastructure easily by running it in an appropriate development environment such as Android Studio or Xcode.

GAMEPOT guide information

The GAMEPOT guide consists of a total of 6 topics that will help you to effectively use GAMEPOT. The content that readers can view in each topic is as follows.

NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as a guide to help customers better understand GAMEPOT. If you are a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you are considering adopting GAMEPOT for your company or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

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