CLOVA Studio overview
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    CLOVA Studio overview

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    CLOVA Studio is a service from NAVER Cloud Platform using HyperCLOVA language model, which is a hyperscale AI technology, to output a phrase created through AI technology in accordance with the input of a user.

    Various features provided by CLOVA Studio

    The variety of features offered by Cloud Studio are as follows:

    • Create sentences: just enter a few keywords, and create a scenario, write a self-introduction letter, create an email, generate a marketing phrase, and so on based on the keyword in various fields
    • Summary: summarize the text according to the set summary length by identifying the main elements in a long text such as a synopsis, report, or email
    • Classification: categorize characteristics such as sentence type, document index, sentiment, and intent, or extract keywords from paragraphs
    • Conversation: by creating an AI with a unique persona through example input, you can create a conversation interface such as an encyclopedia-type chatbot or a custom chatbot
    • Sentence conversion: available to convert sentence form into a sentence similar to the input example
    • AI Filter: provide an AI Filter function to detect and inform when sensitive or unsafe results are generated

    CLOVA Studio user guide

    CLOVA Studio provides its services in the Korea Region. For smooth use of CLOVA Studio, see the following table of contents and their details.

    • CLOVA Studio overview: introduction to CLOVA Studio and related resources to help you use it
    • Prerequisites for using CLOVA Studio: support specifications and fee information for using CLOVA Studio
    • CLOVA Studio concept: concept guide to help you understand how to use CLOVA Studio
    • CLOVA Studio scenarios: guide to the entire process for using CLOVA Studio
    • Getting started with CLOVA Studio: how to subscribe/unsubscribe and manage CLOVA Studio to use CLOVA Studio
      • My Product: information on how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from CLOVA Studio, and check usage status in NAVER Cloud Platform console
      • Usage: information on how to check CLOVA Studio usage in NAVER Cloud Platform console
    • Using CLOVA Studio: how to use the functions provided by CLOVA Studio
      • CLOVA Studio home screen: guide to home screen for CLOVA Studio
      • Playground: how to use CLOVA Studio's Playground menu
        • Playground screen: guide to Playground screen
        • Manage tasks: guidance on how to run/save tasks in Playground, check shared URLs, and create test apps
      • Tuning: how to use CLOVA Studio's tuning menu
        • Tuning screen: tuning screen guide
        • Manage tasks: guide how to learn user data in tuning, check learning status, utilize learning completed tasks, and create a test app
        • Dataset preparation: guide on how to create the dataset needed for tuning
      • Explorer: how to use the explorer menu of CLOVA Studio
      • Skill trainer: guide on how to use the Skill trainer menu in CLOVA Studio
      • Guide: information on how to check CLOVA Studio guide
      • Forum: information on the forum screen, creation/management of forum accounts, and instructions on how to use the bulletin board
    • CLOVA Studio examples: guide to examples that can be utilized in CLOVA Studio
    • CLOVA Studio AI ethics guide: guide to the policies and practice plans applied to CLOVA Studio for observing NAVER AI ethical principles
    • Managing CLOVA Studio permissions: how to manage CLOVA Studio permissions using Sub Account
    • CLOVA Studio glossary: key terms and explanations you must know when using CLOVA Studio
    • CLOVA Studio release notes: update history of CLOVA Studio user guide

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides a variety of related resources as well as the guide to help customers better understand CLOVA Studio. If you are a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you are considering adopting CLOVA Studio for your company or establishing data related policies, then please make good use of the resources below.

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