Video Player Enhancement overview
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    Video Player Enhancement overview

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    Article Summary

    Available in Classic and VPC

    Video Player Enhancement is a NAVER Cloud Platform service for playing media, such as video and audio, in the web and app. By using Video Player Enhancement, media player can be easily and quickly applied to the media service of the client.

    Various features provided by Video Player Enhancement

    The following are various features provided by Video Player Enhancement.

    • Player customization: can customize the player by setting the desired options on the default player
    • Option setting UI&UX panel: by providing a UI&UX panel for player option setting on the console, the option can be set easily without directly editing the player code
    • Script code: by providing a script code according to the options set in the console, the player can be applied easily within the web page and the development time can be reduced
    • HTML5 standard: provides HTML5 standard that can be played on any device and OS browser without installing a separate app
    • Content security: provides MultiDRM (FairPlay, Widevine, PlayReady) and Visible Watermark features
    • Mobile SDK: provides Native SDK (AOS - Kotlin, iOS - Swift)
    • CMAF LL-HLS support: can play LowLatency HLS

    About Video Player Enhancement guide

    Video Player Enhancement service is provided in Korea, U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Germany regions. The service content is identical in all the regions. Check the following table of contents and their details for smooth use of Video Player Enhancement.

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides various related resources as well as the guide to help customers better understand Video Player Enhancement. If you're a developer or marketer in need of detailed information while you are considering implementing Video Player Enhancement for your company or establishing data related policies, then make good use of the following resources.

    • Advancement of understanding and usage methods of Video Player Enhancement
    • User guide for connected services required for using Video Player Enhancement
      • CDN+ guide: guide to using CDN+ for delivering multiple contents to many users quickly and without loss
      • Global CDN user guide: guide to using Global CDN for delivering contents quickly and reliably to overseas users
      • Live Station user guide: guide to using Live Station that can stream real-time broadcasting with the player
      • VOD Station user guide: guide to using VOD Station to enable high-quality viewing of videos on various devices
      • Media Connect Center guide: guide to using Media Connect Center that can integrate and manage media services of NAVER Cloud Platform
      • Sub Account user guide: guide to using Sub Account to help manage Video Player Enhancement operations

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